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October 12, 2017


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I didn’t start working on an ink drawing for tonight until very late. Mark was already asleep on his chair so I couldn’t turn the light on and disturb him. Yes, I could have gone elsewhere, but I was watching Rachel Maddow! So I drew by the light of the TV and this is what I ended up with. Maybe there will be a more detailed drawing one day with this as the preliminary drawing.


As for an old one, I need to organize all my photos in the computer. I know I have more old ones hidden somewhere. But for now…I’ll just throw some color your way. I kind of like this one.

2017-08-31 23.43.55

October 11, 2017


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Spent a LOT of time drawing and painting tonight because I didn’t do either of my side gigs (one because there was no work to be done, the other because I could procrastinate on it). Watched Rachel Maddow and then the last two episodes of House of Cards while I worked.  Scary that there are so many similarities between her news and the fictionalized version of DC.

But this is the drawing I came up with for Inktober:


I know all of this practice is making me better.  My perspective is even improving. And I’m better and thinking the drawing through a little bit more before I jump in and start drawing.  For an old one, here is a pencil drawing I did in March. I haven’t done very many pictures like this with LOTS of value. And that was the whole point of doing this, of course. If you can’t tell what it is, it is an adobe church in Taos. I was copying a photograph Mark took that was stunning. Just seeing this makes me want to smell some pinon and eat some chili pork stew. The colder weather here in Austin this week (brrrrr, it was 58 this morning) makes me feel more like we are in a mountain town.

2017-05-12 19.24.25

October 10, 2017

It’s All About the Ink

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Tonight was the night I almost went to bed without drawing. Well, I had been drawing, but hadn’t done something I was going to put on the web. But then I did this simple little drawing. I’ve been wanting to create something on a book page for a long while. Glad I finally thought of SOMETHING to do. I was going to have a hand (my hand) holding a fountain pen, but that wasn’t working out well in the planning stages so I went with the bottle instead. Maybe one day I’ll do the page with “fountain pen” with the fountain pen. Is there a Latin word for “fountain pen” since there were no fountain pens?



And for an old on, my first white on black Zentangle back in August.

2017-08-03 22.50.53-1

October 9, 2017

My Little Motor Court

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Tonight I had a little more time to draw for Inktober and I wanted to really DRAW something, not just make a design. I saw a picture online of a motor court and café in Ranger, Texas,  in the 20s? 30s? So I drew it. I have NOT learned the art of perspective so my angles go off in wacky ways, but I still like this.  I planned on having MORE of the picture in my drawing, but I ran out of space really fast.


This is the original picture. I liked the whole subject matter, but I also liked that Ranger, Texas, was just 10 miles from my grandparents’ home in Eastland, Texas. We drove through there from time to time, but it was 10 miles past Eastland for us so it wasn’t often.


And for an older drawing, this was early in the year, soon after I got watercolors for Christmas. I still have a lot more practice to do with watercolors. I think I messed this one up when I tried to put in the gray wall and concrete floor, but when I came back later I still liked it. I need to try it again sometime because I like the chair, the color and technique needs practicing.

2017-04-04 01.00.29

October 8, 2017

Sunday Drawing

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I have squeezed in most of my drawings at the very end of the day under duress. Today I had plenty of time and I enjoyed really concentrating on drawing all during the Cowboy game (a loss, oh well).

2017-10-08 17.28.18

This one was a card – I wonder who I sent it to?  It wasn’t an original idea, I was copying (to a degree) from another artist. I was learning.

2017-03-29 22.01.51

One full week of Inktober

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I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it a full week! Uncharacteristic of me. But here we are with #7 of 31. This is ink (the black, my new brush pen) and pencil, the color.


I bought a bouquet of tulips this week and the orange blooms all bloomed out pretty quickly and drooped and I pulled them out of the vase. But they still seemed so colorful, I let them have their own vase. The yellow tulips are still gorgeous and maybe I’ll try them tomorrow.

Okay, something old. I know… This was not drawn from life. I did this on the train from Fort Worth to Austin on July 4. Not many modes of travel that one can draw and paint! It sure helped pass the time. This is watercolor and then ink next.

2017-07-14 00.22.50

October 6, 2017

Just Doodling

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I experimented around tonight with humans and faces and more hats and Zentangles tonight. I didn’t have my good pens in here and I wasn’t “serious” about any of it, so I ended up with these two little doodles to post for #inktober2017.  I’m getting lots better at eyes.  The white spot is key, I believe. But it is hard to make them match each other. I don’t know why I keep doodling hats, they are a lot harder than they look like! This one had the right proportions, but looked like a woman’s hat so I added the ribbon and called it good.

20171006_214533            20171006_215527

And from the past … this was one of my earliest drawings (of this era, ha). I am proud of it and think it is very cool, but I was emulating another artist so it isn’t my own creative idea, but I was learning. And I like the way it looks. This is probably bigger than you expect…. the page is 8 x 11.


I was appreciating my sister and the sister bond tonight. She texted to ask a question that no one else in this world would be able to answer.  She texted to ask what other songs were on an 8-track tape our family had in 1971. Yes, 46 years ago.

When we bought  our  (wait, “we” and “our”… I was 12 years old, it’s not like I arranged the financing… In 1971 when DADDY bought our family a 1971 Mercury Marquis Brougham, we thought we were really in high cotton. It was the nicest car we had ever owned. Not only electric windows and seat adjustments, it had an 8-track tape player in the car! We had never had any 8-track players and this was amazing that we would be able to listen to “our” music while we drove down the road. It was a new world! I don’t think the car came with an 8-track. I think someone gave Daddy the 8-track my sister is talking about. It was like a car demonstration 8-track or some other sort of sampler. Not a K-Tel record, but truly a demonstration tape. So it had a variety of top 40 hits. She remembered Grazing in the Grass (I am not really sure if it was the Friends of Distinction version or the Hugh Masekela version, but I think Friends of Distinction) and had heard it tonight on a TV show. I think of that 8-track EVERY time I hear that song. When we got that 8-track that was a song we were not familiar with and hadn’t heard it on the radio. I don’t know if we ever did hear it on the radio (there were 2 hit versions of it) but we liked it on the 8-track and sang along.

But she was asking what OTHER songs were on that tape. I cannot think of any of them EXCEPT I knew there was a Jose Feliciano song we just despised.  Then I remembered it was maybe his version of Light My Fire. I texted that to her. She quickly responded with “Light my fire light my Fire light my Fire yeah (repeat incessantly).” Then I remembered WHY we hated that song. He did get into an extended chorus.

I wonder if she remembers this part …  And this would sound like one of those “Oh isn’t it quaint that they didn’t know how to work an 8-track?” stories if anyone today knew how to work an 8-track, but they don’t so it is just for us that really learned to enjoy our 8-track player. We listened to that 8-track a lot, it was our ONLY 8-track for a while. We truly hated that Jose Feliciano song so we’d turn the volume down or bear with it until it ended. Then we were at a family reunion (and this was probably 5 months after we bought the car —— there’s that “we” again) and my cousin Garry informed us that we had the ability to CHANGE tracks on the 8-track. We did not know we could advance with a punch of a button. Once we knew that we punched every time Jose Feliciano came up. But by doing that, we probably skipped about 3 or 4 other songs. I remember a long time after that letting it play through and remembering the songs that we had been missing. But, of course, as it is with the human mind, we remember the things we don’t like more than what we like and we can’t come up with other songs from that tape. Now I will have “light my fire, light my fire, light my fire…” in my head all night (incessantly).

October 5, 2017

Day 5 Inktober

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I doodled lots of hats and shoes and boots and a covered wagon, but then reverted to a zentangle-inspired doodle for my Inktober for the world today.


Another red one I did this summer. I did shade it with pencil and I can’t decide which I like better.

2017-06-27 00.04.14

October 4, 2017

Getting Old

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Yeah, new routines are getting old. This Inktober isn’t as fun as it was 3 days ago. This shows the length of my attention span.

But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t follow rules and do what was expected of me. The prompt was “underwater” and this is what was on my mind:


Maybe beaches (and streams and rivers) have been on my mind lately because I believe I deserve a vacation. My plans to go to Rockport got swept away by Harvey… I’m hoping for a do-over soon.

As for an old one… nothing resembling feet, so another BIG zentangle inspired piece of art from the summer.



2017-07-14 00.23.54



October 3, 2017


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I got  new pen today. It is a brush pen— the ink comes out through bristles. I’d never even heard of such a thing until Inktober began. And now I have one. So I was just experimenting with it a little bit tonight and tried a jackrabbit and then his carrot.

2017-10-03 NEW03 1

Yes, there were attempts at cats on the page before.

Then I pulled up some pictures of jackrabbits on the internet and had a better idea what they looked like and this is my “real” attempt.

2017-10-03 NEW03 2

For an old drawing, I was going to put a “graveyard rabbit” I drew but I can’t find the photo of it and the drawing is up at my work so you don’t get that one this time. 

So Zentangle inspired art from this summer. This is much bigger than a zentangle square.

2017-08-31 OLD 10 3

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