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June 18, 2012

Time Passes

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I hate to go so long without writing because then everything I want to write about seems too big to write about right now or too trivial to write about at all. If I would write more often, the trivial would just be padding.

I am trying to do some updates on my website and it is proving as frustrating as it always has. I am not one for keeping track of passwords and I have to relearn or resubmit passwords every time I go back to a project like this. And I’m having to completely re-learn everything I have known about the website-making software and how to get the site to the Internet, too. If you go look at the main page you will see that, so far, I have not succeeded. I did get one step a little farther along tonight so I guess I should feel some satisfaction that that happened before I pulled out every hair on my head.

One of my distant cousins died over the weekend and I’m sad about that. I need to write her a nice something on my other blog. She’s related to me in 3 different ways, all going back to Comanche County, of course. Her funeral is Wednesday afternoon and if I can make it up there, I will. I know a lot of members of her immediate family because they come to the reunion too.

I’ll tell a story about Jessica…  Last summer at the reunion, her son brought some beautiful plants for the silent auction. I had bought a spider plant from him in a previous year that was lush and beautiful. Of course, it barely clings to life now that I have it, but I do still have it. Last year I got a beautiful purple Jew from him. I also got a clipping from a plant that had belonged to Jessica’s mother. Jessica told me how this plant makes a pretty house plant and it will bloom, but it is a nighttime bloomer and blooms at about 2 a.m. She said she had never seen her mother’s bloom and she had had her mother’s plant for years and never saw it bloom. Then her husband died a few years ago and a month or so after he had died she was grieving and couldn’t sleep and finally got up in the middle of the night and walked in to find that plant in beautiful bloom. She said that was just the kind of sign she needed to get some comfort and relief. I’m very glad to have a piece of that plant to remember her (and her mother) with.

July 15, 2011

Weekend Chores

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The weekend is here and I’m glad to have my blog back. I know it needs some sprucing up.

When I had had an issue with Yahoo in January, we fixed that issue and suddenly lots of the picture links no longer worked. Now that it is back up after moving to a new host, I see lots of “symbols” that have changed into weird things on old posts, like random A^ everywhere. Why? So I hope to go through some of the pages this weekend and make things cleaner. And I hope to get something BIG AND SUBSTANTIAL written. That’s a tall order.

I also think I will add new categories, or new tags, or whatever. Lots of new, recent readers have commented that they like my “childhood memories” so I might need to make that a category. I’m sure there are others. I didn’t really start categorizing much until much later on in the blog. If you have seen anything you think is weird or think of categories you think I should create, speak now so I don’t have to read 4 years of writing a second time.

There is also a yellow sign at the top of my page that says I need to update. That frightens me. Not in general in the real world. I update software as often as it tells me to, but this has instructions that involve a lot more than an auto-download-and-install. I don’t want things to crash again. Sure, I found a web guy to fix these first issues, but it cost money and he wasn’t as quick or responsive as I would really like.

All this to say I am really glad to be back and glad to have this creative outlet. I have a need to write. I was not a little girl that wrote stories, though I read about them in books like the Betsy and Tacey books and I’ve always wanted to be that girl. I didn’t really keep serious diaries growing up either. But I’ve kept handwritten diaries for a lot of years now (I’d guess at least 25 years offhand). They don’t crash, which is kind of cool. And I’ve written a lot of letters and emails over the years. I write in my head ALL THE DAMN TIME. At least here I have a place to put it where people can read it as a diary or a letter to them or a peek inside my head.

I’m going to start using numbers a lot here, too. I was flipping through some blogs today and that always seems to be the way to get attention:  5 ways to improve your email, 7 ways to get out of bed in the morning, 12 ways I’ve tricked you into reading my blog. Tonight I’ll limit myself to 2:

1.  I’m glad this blog is here and I’m glad you are reading.

2. I’m worn out and I think I’ll go read my Sarah Bird book.

(or is that 4?)

July 14, 2011


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Is it really working? Let me know if you aren’t seeing what you are seeing. Some links from some shortcuts might not work, I don’t know. I’ve changed so many things I can’t remember how they once were.

But I do think my site is all now happily on the new server. Or at least it is on the new server. I don’t know how happy it is yet.

This certainly makes me worry… how do you save the writing and the photos of 4 years? Do I leave a trust to pay for server space until the end of time? There’s no guarantee if I save each webpage onto a hard drive that browsers in the future will be able to interpret it. Maybe I need to just print each page and put it in a notebook.

My grandfather had row after row of those plain blue cloth 3-ring binders above his desk and each was full of his poetry writing, chronicling day after day after poems. He was good at keeping them, indexing them, storing them. Where are they now? Who knows? I think an aunt may have the bulk of them and that’s fine. None of us really want to inherit Papa’s poems, to tell the truth.

I have so many stories to tell that I may be stymied for days not knowing where to start. Or trying to get the pictures up to the website so I can use them nicely. I don’t know. I will see how it all shakes out tonight.

But right now my anxiety levels may be on a downward trend if this is fixed. Amazing how not having the ONE outlet I really like for my creativity put such a damper on every aspect of my life. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

July 2, 2011

And here we are…

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I do believe everything is finally in order. Whew. I was beginning to worry that I would have to call this the “old” blog and start a new one somehow. But this one seems to work again under the new server and we are good. Of course, I haven’t yet canceled the old server so we’ll hope that when it is canceled that all continues to work. I think it will.

So now there are so many stories to tell and pictures to post and things to catch up on. I’ve been to Padre with my family and done genealogy and gotten laid off in my part-time job (one of them), etc. Lots to tell and ruminate about. I am going to work on the Padre trip first because some people haven’t been able to see my pictures correctly, so we’ll see if I can make them visible here for them. I am working on getting those pictures to the new website and we’ll see — soon, I hope– if I can make that happen.

If not, I’m going to a movie. It’s a holiday weekend!

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