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June 11, 2016

Priming the Pump

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I’ve got to do SOMETHING to get me to update my so-called blog again, right? I’m going to be a little more free to just throw in little discoveries. These are the things that make my genealogy even more fun. Not necessarily BIG discoveries, just coolness I find in my research.

So today, for some unknown random reason, I started poking around on a tree branch where there is a little mystery. I won’t go into that, because I have made no eye-opening discoveries there, that’s for sure. But I looked at the 1900 census for Mills County, Texas. Lots of my ancestry is in Mills County, just across the county line from Comanche County in Central Texas. I was looking at the entry for an uncle, Aaron Little. Nothing unusual about he and his wife and kids and even two sisters-in-law living in their household.

But I see something I don’t often see in a census. A “visitor” is enumerated within their household. It’s a 43-year-old man named “J.A. French.” 

French_J.A - no relations

Even more interesting, he’s from New York and his parents were both born in New York as well. That’s a LONG way to come in 1900.


But then I’m really surprised to see his occupation:


Seeing “farmer” and “housekeeper” on hundreds of census entries, I have NEVER seen a musician counted in an old census.

So that’s it for this discovery, but you know I’m going to be doing some research on J.A. French and see what kind of touring musician he was. But it makes me happy that even my ancestors and collateral ancestors were gracious to musicians in their day.

Okay – that’s all for this time, but I hope to write more little entries like this. Comments will boost me to do more, you know that, right?

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