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October 14, 2013


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Ah, we are sad. Mark discovered this weekend (before the floods hit Austin Saturday night) that one of his favorite cacti has rotted away. It’s in a pot without great drainage and that is always a danger with any plant, but especially cactus that are sitting out where it rains on them. This is what it looked like in its glory days:


I have LOTS of pictures like this with it in full bloom because I would come out of the front door, dashing off to work, and spot this beauty and have to stop and take a picture before proceeding. I’m sure Mark has some that are more stunning.

Fortunately, cactus are SOMETIMES easy to get started again. We’ll see if this one can be. I have dissected the rotten parts and have lots of little “babies” curing in the kitchen right now. Some hormone powder and some vermiculite and maybe we’ll have some new baby blooms soon.

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