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November 17, 2013

A Little More Hallford

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I have thought of about a dozen things I want to write about and I want to write more often, but then I get caught up in something…

But I found this tonight that adds to the story of Sallie Hallford, who I wrote about before and finding her grave in Corpus Christi.

Most of my family of that era lived in Newburg, Texas. This grandmother Hallford was living with her son John there in the 1900 census. There is a church there, the South Leon Baptist Church, that was the church home of many of my ancestors and is still active in the sense that it exists. I believe less than 10 people attend the church each Sunday, but it is there, right by the cemetery. I found a short history of that church that was written in 1972. It gives me a little more insight into this Grandma Hallford.

The history tells about a combination church and school building that once existed (not the current building, but one near where the cemetery gate is now). Octavia Cunningham (the woman—yes, a cousin—that wrote the history) wrote:

“The men occupied the slatted pine pews in the south side of the building, the women sat on the north side and the young people, especially the young ladies with their beaus, occupied the center tier of pews. The pulpit was in the west end of the building. Near the north side of the pulpit sat Grandma Hallford (mother of J.H. Hallford) in her rawhide bottomed chair. She had to sit near the pulpit so she could hear the sermon. She was a great favorite in the community and her neighbors were always glad for her to come visit for a few days.”  

I like that. She sounds like a likeable person. Here’s one more picture of her grave and me with her. See the family resemblance?


I’ve also found her daughter’s grave in the Old Bay City Cemetery in Corpus Christi, but I hadn’t found it before we were there so we didn’t go to see it. It is a very impressive stone and has the fact that she was born in Missouri and points out more that she was a pioneer. She died only a few years after her mother.

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