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December 8, 2013

Cemeteries and Us

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Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of Mark giving me an engagement ring. I won’t say the 21st anniversary of our “engagement” because that truly came a week after we met in the summertime, but people tend to accept the giving of an engagement ring as a better indication of future marriage plans. I think I’ve written about the engagement ring before. There were beautiful Christmas lights all over town and they sparkled in my new diamond ring.

What does that have to do with cemeteries? No, there was no cemetery involved in our engagement at all. But I was looking through photos and a couple of good photos of us in cemeteries:


That one was near Independence, Texas, and we didn’t have any relatives there, but this one is in Mount Pleasant (Green Hill) and just about everyone around us is a relative of Mark’s:


Mostly our pictures in cemeteries don’t include us both, but we’re getting better about taking a “selfie” when we can.

People ask me about my cemetery obsession and Mark’s cooperation in my graveyard adventures. He may not be quite as interested as I am, but I was thinking about how many cemeteries he has taken me to over our 21 years and how often he’s thrown on the brakes and made a u-turn when I’ve hollered, “CEMETERY!” and craned my neck as I see one go by. I can’t recall that he’s ever said no.

I was smitten with Mark even before we had ever gone to a cemetery and I don’t think a dislike of cemeteries from his viewpoint would have made me change my mind. But it sure helped when we took our first cemetery adventure.

I’d have to check the diary to see when it happened, but somewhere in the summer or fall of 1992, there was a meteor shower that was supposed to be extra special and the weathermen were telling everyone to get out of town and see it where you could find a dark night sky. We lived in the suburbs of Dallas (Richardson for him and Carrollton for me) and there was light pollution wherever we looked. We drove out of town to find some dark sky and Mark said, “I have an idea of where to go, but I don’t know how you’ll feel about it.” Why? What could be wrong? “It’s a cemetery up on a hill.” BINGO! A guy that didn’t even shy away from going to a cemetery at night.

We headed north of town to the Zion Cemetery up on top of a very lonely hill miles from city. We crept up a very dark rutted dirt road to the top of the hill to this very old cemetery…. and found a dozen or more cars already up there. We weren’t the only ones with this idea. But it was dark and there were meteors and it was a great night, stretched across the hood of my car, talking and watching the sky.

Later, my parents moved where that cemetery was on our route to their house and we stopped there and took bluebonnet pictures. Now, I would hate to see it. I think all the suburb towns have invaded from every side.

I found this picture online and most of development seems to still be across the road at least. But I bet the night sky isn’t as dark as it was.


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