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December 11, 2013


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I know I am jumping all over the place with topics, but YOU try writing every single day! I have many more topics I would like to write about, but so many take thought, preparation, and TIME. I’m writing most of these on the fly and hope that’s okay with the 2.5 people that read it.

I was thinking today about cartoons. The New Yorker posted a cartoon on Facebook of a giant pipeline with deer doing the limbo to get under it. It was amusing. I “clipped it” (modern day version of clipping, I shared it) for my sister because it reminded me of Daddy. Daddy worked for a natural gas company and they put in pipelines and Dad was the surveyor that told them where to put the pipeline. He had a cartoon from the era of the Alaskan pipeline under the glass on his desk. It had the giant pipeline with an igloo and Eskimo woman on one side and a crying baby on the other and her look of bewilderment.

I love cartoons and love the New Yorker cartoons that are so witty. But I do miss clipping cartoons. When I was in my 20s or so, EVERYONE would have a cartoon or two or a dozen on their refrigerator. Some of us would have them taped to the bathroom mirror. Sometimes you’d have them on your office door or bulletin board. When a cartoon resonated, you saved it for yourself, but it let others see your personality, too, by what you chose to keep. These days we pass them on, but they are soon forgotten.

Back in my 20s I put cartoons on my refrigerator. But then I started gluing them into a blank book I had. The book became a diary of the times because I was cutting out cartoons that reflected what was happening in my life. There were cartoons about college graduation and the difficulty of finding a job and lots of cartoons about the single life. I still have the book with all the yellowed cartoons, some with notes about why I thought they were amusing and what was going on in my life at the time.

One of my all time favorite cartoons is such an inside joke that I can’t believe a cartoonist drew it. I have a reputation in my family for remembering when a variety of things happened, some that might be considered dull or unimportant. I regularly remind Mark what anniversary we are celebrating today. I can tell you dates that we moved or bought something or took a trip. The cartoon is The Wizard of Id and one peasant says to another, “It was 12 years ago today that we put in the new steps.” The other peasant says something like, “Your life has been one exciting moment after another.” Doesn’t really matter what the second peasant said, the first peasant is ME!

I may not be as bad (or good) about remembering things as I used to be. Mostly because too many things have happened in my life now to remember them all. But, on that note, I have been sad today because I know it was 7 years ago today that I saw my Dad alive for the last time. He had been in the hospital over a month and had been unconscious most of that time following a cancer/jaw surgery. On the last day I saw him I stopped by the hospital on my way back to Austin (he was in Dallas and I was up there every weekend) because he had had a setback and was back in ICU. But he was lucid and I certainly expected to see him again on Saturday, but he died Friday morning.

So, back to the cartoons… It was a pleasant reminder of Daddy today to see a cartoon that he would have liked. I guess if he were still with us I would have forwarded it to him in an email. Since he isn’t, I’m glad I got this funny reminder of the things that made him happy. I think I’ll put it up on the refrigerator.

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