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March 3, 2014

Computer Fritz

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Well, this is almost the computer I am working from, it seems. Or not. Those computers with the big floppy discs and all the print in one color didn’t seem to ever break, did they?

This computer (an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Laptop) has served me quite well for 4 or 5 years. I bought it as a refurb from Best Buy… something I highly recommend if you can find what you need among the refurbed computers. It saved me a lot of money and this has been a great PC. Ah, but lately I have been getting the blue screen of death more often than I would like. I try to do a restart and I get a message saying that this computer has no operating system. Scary! Yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a new HP laptop for myself. Now I can’t remember if it was a refurb or not. It was a steal, so it may have been. It is going to be so much faster than this one I will be amazed no matter what, I’m sure.

The thing I hate about a new computer is finding the software I use and getting it put onto the new one. I like the apps on the phone. You get a new phone and you have to reload apps, but usually something somewhere tells you what ones you had before and, if you forget, you can get them so easily when you need them. The software I need may be harder to acquire next week, but I’m trying to not think about that.

I have to wonder how many computers I have had through the years now. I have been such a cheapskate that I have had several hand-me-down computers (an Apple II-E!) and cheap ones that didn’t work out well. I am glad I am learning to not go the total cheap route (waiting until someone wants to hand down an old one). Next week, new computer and all sorts of new resolutions about my web page and blog and having all my genealogy files in order, etc. hahahaha That’ll last about 3 minutes and then I’ll start checking Facebook and forgetting everything.

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