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December 4, 2014

Shopping Adventures

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I am participating in the Holidailies challenge again this year, by the way, which is my incentive to write each and every day until December is done. Sometimes I think Jette should have a ____dailies in May or another month that is less busy.

I went shopping for some new clothes tonight. I am not a shopper. I don’t know why anyone wants to be a shopper. It was hot and I made three trips to the dressing room, which might be a record for me. My goal was to have something new and Christmas-y to wear to a dinner I’m going to tomorrow night. I was invited this week to the dinner and I remember his party last year where everyone was wearing pretty festive clothing and I thought to myself, “I want to make sure and get something new for this party next year.” I went to my favorite store, Kohl’s (okay, I realize that maybe that is part of why I am not a fan of shopping, I don’t go to the “good” stores). I only wanted to find a nice long top/shirt/sweater to wear over tights in a festive red color. Easy, one would think.

I discovered tonight that the festive Christmas colors of 2014 are black and gray and black-gray and gray-black and maybe blue. Green does not exist in the world anymore and red was barely visible. I ended up with a festive BLACK sweater to wear. It does have some sparkly sequins that I hope make it look a cut above all of my other black sweaters. I bought some pretty festive jewelry to dress it up. Again, NO RED. Believe me, I’m not just saying I didn’t like the reds this year. They truly were not there.

Apparently sweater shawl things are really big right now. I liked them and would happily wear one, but it does require that you wear something underneath it. Since I had nothing to wear under it, I couldn’t make myself invest in a black or gray or gray-black or black-gray shawl.

All of this is coming from a woman with an entire wardrobe made up of black and gray. But it is CHRISTMAS, right? Even a holiday purple would have been welcome.

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