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December 9, 2014

Holiday Visits

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There are many things to love and hate about the holidays, but one thing I do love it the feeling that you NEED to visit people you love and people who you love feel the need to come visit you, too. I don’t know why I get in that frame of mind more in the holidays when everything is busy and crazy instead of in maybe February when we’d have time for a good visit, but that is the way it is.

Sunday I went down the street and visited the new little baby boy Jack who was born in July. He’s a precious little thing. His parents are incredibly sleep deprived and deliriously in love with their little one. That made me happy. I hope Santa is very good to him.

Tonight my cousin Alisa was in town from Italy. I met her a couple of years ago via Facebook and my Cunningham family page and we began a bit of a correspondence. Last year she was in Texas on Halloween and we went out to dinner and got acquainted really well. She is a missionary, which is about as far removed from my life as you can get, but she is a writer and a lover of life and interesting things and we find plenty to talk about. She came by tonight and we just stayed at the house and had pizza and wine and visited a bit. It was lovely.

I can’t wait to see who drops in next…

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