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April 27, 2015

Massive Bluebonnets

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I had a wonderful wedding anniversary on Friday. When we married in 1993, we planned the time of the wedding to be bluebonnet season so we could spend our honeymoon driving down country roads full of bluebonnets. Many years since then we have had an annual bluebonnet trip to celebrate our anniversary. When we moved to Austin and lived right among the bluebonnets, we began slacking a little on getting out for a real trip. We still tried to make a day trip of it, but we even missed out on that from time to time. This year, I really thought that the bluebonnets would all be gone by our anniversary. In town on the banks of MoPac and I –35 they have already gone to seed and gotten weedy.

But my sweet husband found a great mass of bluebonnets for us to visit on our little one-day road trip on Friday. I had never heard of the place he took me and he said he only heard of it within the last couple of weeks. It is Mule Shoe Bend, a recreational area from the Lower Colorado River Authority. It is somewhere north of Spicewood. I have looked at a map since we’ve been home, but I’d still need a guide to get me back out there again. Mark as going to surprise me so we headed out highway 71. I thought we were going for barbecue, and I was right but it wasn’t the first stop. Along about Spicewood he turned north and went through the country a long long way. The bluebonnets alongside the road were beautiful through here and that was a good dose of flowers already. I didn’t know we were heading for more.

When we got to the gate of the LCRA recreational area for Muleshoe Bend, the park ranger said “Are you here for the bluebonnets?” That was my first indication that there was something  GOOD up ahead! She let us in 2 for 1 since the bluebonnets were beginning to get a bit weedy and go to seed, but  they were still fabulous! Roadsides are great, pastures of bluebonnets are great, but to see rolling hills  just covered in bluebonnets and to also be on the shores of Lake Travis… it was amazing. And so many sweet birds and butterflies and bees. That was the only wildlife we saw, but I expect if you were there in the evening you’d  spot some deer and more down that way. I am not a camper (but I sometimes think I would like it), but there were primitive campsites all through the park. I can imagine it would be awesome to wake up to fields of bluebonnets and the rising sun over the lake.

Mark is the best photographer ever. Here are a few of his shots from our Friday trip.





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