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May 3, 2015

San Antonio y San Marcos para Cinco de Mayo! O Dos de Mayo.

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Just a short report of a great weekend enjoying some of the fun my state has to offer.

One of my friends, Diana, is always up for an adventure and she took me on a great one Saturday. We made plans to meet up so she could give me a tour of the San Marcos Cemetery, where her family members are buried and so many people she has known. She has been in San Marcos her whole life and her grandparents were immigrants to the area, so she really does know everyone. But at the last minute we expanded our fun zone and started the day in San Antonio.10914950_10152687003775356_573296219455526282_o

I have lived in Austin 16 years, but I still forget how close San Antonio is. It is easy to go there for lunch on the weekend or even dinner during the week, if you are willing to put up with a little I-35 traffic. We started there Saturday and went to the mercado in search of flowy tops and dresses and maybe a Mexican wedding dress. If you aren’t from Texas, that doesn’t mean you wear it to marry a Mexican or that Mexicans wear it at their weddings or that I needed to be getting married or going to a wedding to wear one. As it turns out, I didn’t get a Mexican wedding dress, though they were lovely. The one I liked best was about as expensive as my real wedding dress so I held off for this trip. We did find some nice flowy tops and I will wear one tomorrow and hope I like it.

We ate wonderful Mexican food and drank margaritas outdoors at the mercado, too. It was fun to people-watch and gossip and hear the mariachis. In these dangerous times in the real Mexico, I’ll take this All-American Mexico anytime.

On the return trip we were in desperate need of a Diet Coke. Diana pulled off to go through whatever fast food joint was closest to the highway. I realized she had exited at Exit 191 where the famous Buc-ee’s is. I said, “Well, go anywhere but Buc-ee’s.” I said that, not because I don’t like Buc-ee’s, but because I had been in a Buc-ee’s a couple of weeks ago in Temple and it was super crowded and I had to stand in line for the bathroom and I didn’t want to go through that again. But Diana said, “I’ve never been in a Buc-ee’s.” What? That’s like saying you’ve never had a Whataburger. Like saying you’ve never been to the Texas State Fair. Like saying we put stars on too many things. So we remedied her Buc-ee’s inexperience quickly. And I have to admit that when you have time to stroll and shop and gawk, Buc-ee’s is a lot more fun. Also when you can do that with someone who gets what you laugh at and point to. While we were there I bought the first book I have bought for my new niece EJ. It is an indestructible book that can be chewed on and handled and it has lots of bright colors and drawings. I hope she likes it.

Diana1Back to San Marcos, we toured the San Marcos Cemetery. Diana just needs to write a book. Every grave we walked to or drove by had a story. Of course I believe that is true in EVERY cemetery, but I happened to be with the person that could tell me the stories of each of these occupants. Well, I started to retell one of Diana’s stories about “Joe, the babysitter,” and I realize I cannot do it justice. We’ll have to wait for Diana’s book.

We both like the Woodmen of the World grave markers, so I had my tour guide pose for me.












We were not alone in the cemetery. San Marcos seems to be a haven for deer. I know people in Austin say we have lots of them, too, but I rarely see them here. But the cemetery was full of deer, just lounging and sleeping and enjoying the peaceful, beautiful day. Occasionally one would jump and run, but mostly they knew we wouldn’t bother them and they didn’t bother us.

After the cemetery, we did make a quick stop to see the Kentucky Derby run and then I headed on home to Austin. I am a total homebody and only reluctantly get out of the house on a weekend, but I’m so glad Diana made time for me and we had this chance to not only go to the San Marcos Cemetery, like we’ve talked about for so long, but we got to go on our San Antonio adventure, too.

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