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October 3, 2017


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I got  new pen today. It is a brush pen— the ink comes out through bristles. I’d never even heard of such a thing until Inktober began. And now I have one. So I was just experimenting with it a little bit tonight and tried a jackrabbit and then his carrot.

2017-10-03 NEW03 1

Yes, there were attempts at cats on the page before.

Then I pulled up some pictures of jackrabbits on the internet and had a better idea what they looked like and this is my “real” attempt.

2017-10-03 NEW03 2

For an old drawing, I was going to put a “graveyard rabbit” I drew but I can’t find the photo of it and the drawing is up at my work so you don’t get that one this time. 

So Zentangle inspired art from this summer. This is much bigger than a zentangle square.

2017-08-31 OLD 10 3

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