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October 8, 2017

Sunday Drawing

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I have squeezed in most of my drawings at the very end of the day under duress. Today I had plenty of time and I enjoyed really concentrating on drawing all during the Cowboy game (a loss, oh well).

2017-10-08 17.28.18

This one was a card – I wonder who I sent it to?  It wasn’t an original idea, I was copying (to a degree) from another artist. I was learning.

2017-03-29 22.01.51

One full week of Inktober

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I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it a full week! Uncharacteristic of me. But here we are with #7 of 31. This is ink (the black, my new brush pen) and pencil, the color.


I bought a bouquet of tulips this week and the orange blooms all bloomed out pretty quickly and drooped and I pulled them out of the vase. But they still seemed so colorful, I let them have their own vase. The yellow tulips are still gorgeous and maybe I’ll try them tomorrow.

Okay, something old. I know… This was not drawn from life. I did this on the train from Fort Worth to Austin on July 4. Not many modes of travel that one can draw and paint! It sure helped pass the time. This is watercolor and then ink next.

2017-07-14 00.22.50

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