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December 15, 2013

My Organization and Ray Price

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Ray Price is dead. Or Ray Price is not dead. This is one of the weirder cases I’ve seen of someone jumping the gun on a death. Apparently an “official” kind of source (like his son) said, Yes, he is dead, and all the good magazines and news outlets (like Rolling Stone) went with it and printed obituaries. Then someone else came along and said, no, he’s not dead.

Mark took some amazing pictures of Ray Price at a Willie Nelson Fourth of July Picnic in about 2008, I think. I wasn’t at it. I was driving home from celebrating in Denton listening to it on the radio, though, and it was interesting to hear it and then hear Mark’s version of the disorganized mess it really was.

But today it dawns on me that I interviewed Ray Price back in my radio heyday, too. He was part of Willie’s picnic when it was at Spicewood. I do not know the date on that one, but I’m guessing 2004? 2005? I have put the word out and hope to find out soon.

I hope finding the year will help me find my photos! I think we were a digital world by that time. I know I have many pictures of that day. It was a very muddy mess and I wore true hiking boots because the muck was so thick. I have pictures meeting the Keller Brothers (who later became friends and Mark’s bandmates). I have a picture of me with the South Austin Jug Band with Willie Pipkin, another bandmate of Mark’s. I have a picture of someone from the Grateful Dead being interviewed. And me interviewing Bill Mack, the legendary disc jockey, and a picture of us doing the “grip and grin.” And I know I have a picture of me interviewing Ray Price. No g-n-g of us, but me interviewing him. But I can’t find it.

I hate that my organization is ALWAYS like this. I never can seem to put my hands on THE picture that I want. I hope I can find it before he is really gone. A very nice man. I don’t think the interview was anything special. But I have seen him perform since then and he was still incredible. He was better than either Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard and he was older than both.


  1. I am a real die hard Traditional Country Music Entertainer and Artist…. I first met Mr. Ray Price…. in 1958 . He was married to Linda Cliff his only son’s mother.. He was singing like a Bird from that moment on I was his fan….He introduced me to his Wife Linda… They were radiant.. She was totally lost in his music as he would sing.. I thanked him for taking the time to introduce her to us. He has never recorded a bad note his musican’s were always perfect.. Folks like Roger Miller.. Johnny Bush… Willie Nelson….Buddy Emmons… Listen to his music you won’t hear anything but perfection.. But Ray shall live on thru his son Cliff Price. He Has groomed Cliff as he opened the show for Ray.. what better honor could a father bestow on his son… than to put him in that position.. We are anxiously waitng for Him to come forth with the tradition and the torch he was handed… We must as fans artists and the Media must stand up and support Rays son Cliff…. I thank you for the article on my idol… Mr. Ray Price…. GOD BLESS you ….

    Comment by Helen Burke — January 23, 2014 @ 9:03 pm

  2. I urge everyone to support Cliff Price as I truly believe Ray Price groomed his son to carry on his tradition and music. I also think Ray taught Cliff respect, class and how to appreciate the fans. I wish Cliff a lot of success and happiness in the music industry as I know he will be great

    Comment by Judy Longworth — January 23, 2014 @ 10:19 pm

  3. I totally support Cliff Price and encourage all Ray Price fans to do so as well. I believe his father groomed him to carry the touch after he was gone and Cliff has his fathers class and manners. Thank you for the article and God bless.

    Comment by Judy Longworth — January 23, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

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