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December 27, 2013

Slipping Back

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I guess I didn’t succeed in the “Holidailies” since there’s been a few days of gap since I wrote last. I certainly didn’t expect it myself.

These 2 things may be completely unrelated (though I doubt it), but I’ve been going through physical therapy for a bum knee for the last few weeks. Lots and lots of exercises to strengthen both knees and help my balance. I was at the PT place on Thursday last week. On Saturday I did some Christmas shopping on glorious South Congress. It was a really beautiful day for it after pouring rain that morning. I had on good solid athletic shoes because I knew I needed to be sturdy on my feet. But, somehow, during the day, my hip just started hurting like it has never hurt before. And there was some pain in my thigh, and knee (not the bum knee, the “good” knee), and around to the shin. I kept shaking it out and stretching it, thinking it was just crooked or something, but it was not going away. I didn’t want to cut my shopping short because we were having such a good day, but eventually we called it a day and I went home.

Let’s just fast-forward to today and totally skip the week of bronchitis and wheezy lungs and croupy cough I’ve had (that has NOTHING to do with the leg). I have a pinched nerve in my back. Never in my life have I had such a thing. And I wouldn’t wish this on anyone except maybe my worst enemies (I have a list if you’d like to see). Seven full days of not being able to walk normally or roll over in bed without a scream.

We were traveling on two of the days and then we had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so finally yesterday I was able to call my PT place and say, “Get me in, NOW.” A great PT worked on me for an hour and got a little bit of mobility into the leg, but didn’t do a lot for the pain. Back this morning for more torture, I mean treatment, and I’ll be back Monday. Now everything I read on the Internet makes it sound like a pinched nerve is just something you treat and live with and isn’t really fixable. I certainly hope that is not the case or I am going to turn into a 300-pound woman because I won’t be able to move across the room.

I’d like to be that brave, smiling-through-the-pain kind of person, but I don’t think that will ever be me. I am cussing and yelping with every step. Today she did show me the positions that will pinch the nerve the least and give me the least pain so I’m sticking to them. Of course, I now walk like an old crone. I’m hoping for better things tomorrow and by Monday. At least with the bronchitis calmed down I am feeling more like writing and WILL get back in the Holidailies spirit.

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