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January 6, 2014

Not dead yet

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I haven’t made it back into the daily routine yet. Today was day 17 with this pinched nerve. It has improved tremendously. Acupuncture really did some amazing things with the pain. Two trips to the chiropractor got me straightened out enough to walk without yelping too much. I can start out walking and feeling almost okay, but it degenerates pretty quickly. I tried walking to our mailbox yesterday and it took a LONG time to get back. That’s only maybe 4 houses down.

I was back at work today, too. The trip TO the bathroom isn’t so bad, but the return trip is slow. Sleeping is much better, at least, and I can sleep on both sides now and get from one to another without too much pain.

Meanwhile, cedar fever has taken the place of the bronchitis. Joy. It has made me super tired, but I might as well sleep since I can’t walk.

Our Christmas decorations are still up, the tree fully decorated. It’s high time it gets put away, but you do what you can do. It’s bitter cold today, like it is all across the country, so most everyone is hunkered down and staying in. That is fine by me, too.

This is making me feel guilty for any time I was ever unsympathetic to my grandmother’s bad hip and leg that she suffered with her whole life, or to my mom’s bad knees that she has hobbled on for years (at least until she got the replacement last year). I’m learning about a whole new sort of pain with this!

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  1. I haven’t seen any lack of sympathy on your part. If I ever do, I’ll turn you over my checked apron, and you know what!

    Comment by pat — January 7, 2014 @ 12:42 am

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