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September 1, 2014

Habits Habits Habits

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I am bound and determined to get back into the habit of blogging. It irritates me so much to go to a person’s blog and see a blog dated 2010 with maybe 3 other entries before it and it says “I am going to start blogging more regularly!” I have decided in September I need to blog more frequently (though I am not making any declarations of how often) even if it is to say, “I had a nice day, how about you?”

One ambition I had for this weekend was to figure out my passwords and secret handshakes to get into my websites again. Blogs, websites, control panels, etc…. they confuse me so. This one I do have set up so it works a little more effortlessly than the website as a whole, but I need to get back and update lots of things on my website.

But instead, I slept a lot this weekend. A lot. An embarrassing amount of lot. But maybe that will make for a brighter week ahead. I have no pictures recording the fabulous weekend I had (since it is hard to take a selfie when you are asleep), so I will offer this instead. The opposite of me:

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