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October 8, 2014


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Times change. Sometimes they change and we don’t even realize it. I visited my nephew and his wife at their home this past weekend. Mark was at a gig and we were going to go see him play. He called with a splinter so he asked that we bring a needle or a safety pin so he could try to get the splinter out. I asked my nephew’s wife for a needle and she didn’t have one. I didn’t know that needles were old-fashioned and something people don’t need now. I admit I don’t use one very often, but I do sew a button back on from time to time. My mother sewed all the time when I was growing up so we had plenty of needles. She sewed on her sewing machine and she did plenty of hemming with needles. Plus, my sister and mother and I all embroidered from time to time.

I was looking at something tonight in an old 1961 newspaper online and saw this at the end of the article:


There used to be all sorts of little household hints, pieces of trivia, and little jokes inserted in newspapers to fill out the column. Now we just don’t have newspapers and, if we do, their computers can stretch the copy to fill the columns without it looking stretched, I suppose.

But I read this little hint and thought about how I have never owned a bottle of bluing, but it was something I grew up with. I think I only grew up with one single bottle though. I don’t remember that we ever bought it or used it very much. Once in a great while Mother would need to really clean some white sheets or white towels and she would use some of Mrs. Stewart’s bluing. And it seems like the bottle always sat up on the window sill on the “back porch” which was really an enclosed laundry room. I’ll have to get verification from my sister or mother on whether or not it sat on the windowsill.

This is sort of close to what our bottle of bluing looked like:


Bluing usually is down the sides and on the label, from what I remember. This one is for sale on eBay. I am not sure if our bottle was blue either. But Mrs. Stewart looks just like she always did.

Of course, when I saw the ad, I realized that I don’t use bluing and I would expect that most people younger than me don’t even know what bluing is. The world hasn’t ended because they don’t know. I guess the world won’t end if they don’t own needles either.

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