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December 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts

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I didn’t draw this picture, it was a gift to me. You almost need to see it in person to see how intricate it is, all drawn in pen and colored in. What is even more amazing (I think) is that it was drawn by an inmate in a prison in California (if I’m remembering this right).

I was on the radio all across the country in the 90s on the ABC Satellite Radio Network. I did nights on the adult contemporary format. I had to do dedications each night, “Love Notes” we called it. Personally, I hate dedication shows and I did my best to make mine more palatable than that saccharine-sweet Delilah. I frequently had dedications to prisoners. I remember Penny who called frequently and dedicated songs to her husband in jail. She was very pleasant and I tried to do them from time to time and she was nice enough to know not to call too often. Over time I learned more about their situation and learned that she had met him WHILE he was in prison. It was a blind date, a set up! Why in the world would you let yourself be set up on a date with a man in prison? I think her friend was married or “dating” someone in prison and thought Penny would like this guy. Sigh. So she married him while he was in prison. I asked when he might be able to go free; when would she be able to count on him as a husband.

“Uh, maybe never,” she said. He was in prison for life. The initial crime wasn’t that serious, but then he had killed a guard while in prison.

Those were the people I talked to.

But, when Christmas rolled around I would sometimes get nice little offerings like this Christmas tree from a prisoner and I did think that was nice. I never sent them a thank you. I hope their lives are all better today than they were then. Especially Penny.

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