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March 22, 2015

Springtime Gardening

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Spring arrived Friday, though it was damp and cold for Austin through Friday and Saturday, too. But today (Sunday) was bright and shining and we had blue sky and at least 80 degrees, I think. I used to be a great gardener. I need to find that enthusiasm and energy again for gardening (and housekeeping and writing and working….). Today I did get outside and do a FEW things so I could say I worked outside and accomplished something.

We have big live oak trees in our neighborhood. I’m glad the builders preserved so many of them for our yards when they built our houses in the 80s. I can just picture what a forest this section must have been at one time. But live oaks drop their leaves in spring when the new growth comes in. That is why they are called live oaks, they are never “dead” in the wintertime. But when the leaves fall, they are really a chore. Our back roof is covered in piles of leaves that need to be pushed down to the ground and cleaned up. No telling what kind of mildew and rot might build up under them up there.

I took a broom and swept my entryway first today. My sister wrote the other day that she was channeling our Papa Hallford and had swept her walk and sidewalk (she also has live oaks) and that there was a great deal of satisfaction in sweeping. I agree with that and every time I DO sweep I think I will do it more often in the future. That rarely happens. Today I swept the porch. Not spotless because more leaves were falling as I swept, but I got a handle on it. I swept leaves off of the flagstone rocks in our garden. Usually by now there would be bluebonnet plants all through the flagstones and we would let them go through their cycle before cleaning out that area. This year the bluebonnets are nonexistent! We don’t  know what happened, but they aren’t there so I swept the rocks and even pulled down a few spiderworts that were growing there because I have plenty IN the garden and don’t need them coming up where I’d like to walk.

I filled up our trash can with leaves from the driveway and walkway and then called it a day. I picked up dead branches and trimmed off some yellow leaves on plants. I trimmed back the Carolina jasmine that takes over as soon as  spring arrives. I didn’t haul rocks or mow or dig or do anything extremely strenuous, but it was enough. I came in sweating and had to cool off and clean up before I could continue my day.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a little bit more.  Now is the time  that everything is pretty and green and blooming. The rain has been coming frequently and the hot sun isn’t baking anything for the moment. I want to enjoy this spring while I can.

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