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September 13, 2015

Winter in Texas

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There’s no good reason for this post except I found this picture tonight. This is for anyone who thinks it doesn’t get cold in Texas. It gets beyond cold in the Panhandle of Texas. It can get cold anywhere in the state (remember the white Christmas in the Valley maybe 10 years ago?). But it was cold that drove me away from Amarillo. If the winters hadn’t been so brutal or maybe if I hadn’t been in radio where you HAD to get to the station and work, even on the most treacherous days that the whole city shut down, I might still live there, who knows. This was 1973 (according to the date on the side). This is the orchard beside our house, a peach tree. I actually think this was a little unusual or we wouldn’t have been out taking pictures. I can’t remember the name of the dog I am holding, but it must have been one of J.J.’s puppies because J.J. is jumping up on me (kind of hard to see her among all the brown).


I zoomed in to see what puppy it was. I know it wasn’t Freckles, but other than that, I can’t say. We had a LOT of puppies over the years. I guess this was before the days that we were told to spay and neuter!


And for the record, I was probably 13, almost 14 here.

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