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December 9, 2015

Diary for a New Year

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I have become immersed in sites that have planners and calendars for the New Year. There are some complex, multi-tapped, works of art out there. A little spendy for me to buy, use two weeks, and then forget, so I will by pass them. I bought a calendar at Big Lots! for $2 and it will work in here in my office where all I really need is to know the day and the date at a glance.

I did order and receive my 2016 Daily Diary from Moleskine. I’m so glad I discovered these. I think this will be my fourth year with one. They have good thick paper so even when I write with a fountain pen or a Flair pen (do they still make Flair pens?) it doesn’t soak through. The color for this year is a hunger green. I’ve had a brighter green before, and red, and purple. I like green because it reminds me of prosperity and I plan on having that a lot in the new year.

Have you ever heard about bullet planners? I’ve been reading up on them on the Internet and they can be done on a blank notebook and don’t require the commitment of a big hunk of cash so I may try that method a bit this year, too. And then about February I will resort to my old style of sticky notes, Google calendar from time to time, and “Oh I’ll remember.” Fortunately I have very very few commitments in my life. I could put “work” down on my dayplanner from 8 to 5 every day. And then I would laugh and laugh when I saw the 8 every day when I got to work at 10.

I promise this year to write in my handwritten diary every day. I can’t keep the promise to write HERE every day or even every week, but I have the habit and routine of my diary pretty well ingrained in my life. It’s by the bed, I turn on the light, get under the covers, write in my diary, put it away and read a while, put mentholatum on my lips (oh come on … you have your quirks, too), put in my earplugs, and I happily say my thanks and gratitude and go to sleep.

As for the others, I am not going to sweat it. I have never had a boss raise the issue of my organizational abilities and I don’t have to punch a time clock or visit clients at certain times on certain days. I have a creative job in a creative environment and, so far knock on wood, they have allowed me my freedom to be less organized. I am rolling with the flow this year and not stressing over things that have been this way for years and years. Not worth it. Happy New Year. It’s on January 1 this year, right?

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