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December 9, 2015

A New Sarah Bird Book

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I know I have written here before about my deep love for Sarah Bird and her writing. I won’t go into the whole history again, but I learned about in her in 1988, I think. My best friend Beth had told me to read The Boyfriend School. She had discovered it and thought it was great. I was traveling for my living in those days and I went into a phenomenal book store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, right by the campus. That was a beautiful city and a great store with the old fashioned ladders going up to the top shelves. I was hunting around and decided to look for Bird and I found one paperback book called Alamo House. It was her first novel, before the Boyfriend School, so I got it and finished it on the plane home. I couldn’t put it down.

Side note:  A writing teacher later said I wrote a bit like Sarah Bird. She said that without knowing if I even knew Sarah Bird’s work, much less knowing how big a fan I was. That was a huge HUGE boost to my fragile ego.

So since in 1988 I have been most faithful and have gone to a bookstore each and every time Sarah wrote a new book. I had a paperback of the Boyfriend School and eventually was able to replace it with a hardback copy. But in all these almost 30 years, I have never had Alamo House in hard cover. Everything I read said that it was just completely unavailable. Now that the Internet let’s us know at the click of a mouse where things are available, I can find it on the web for about $35 now. Tonight I was at Half-Price Books and found Alamo House, hard cover, FIRST EDITION MIND YOU! just sitting there on the shelf priced like a normal book. AMAZING. Did I mention it has the original dust jacket, too?  I didn’t have to look twice, that’s for sure.

Alamo House is now joining everything from the Boyfriend School to Above the East China Sea on my Sarah Bird shelf and I’m thinking of rereading the whole stack of them, starting over at with book one.


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