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January 26, 2016

A Bright Beautiful New Year

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I’m not making myself feel guilty about NUTTIN’ this year, I swear. So I haven’t felt a single pang of guilt as this blog lies here, lonely and pining.

But this week I did think maybe it would be a good idea to prime the pump and put something down. Anything. Get those juices flowing.

Then I read a couple of posts from my friend Dana at danastarr.net  and that totally bummed me out because she has some beautiful long pieces that are funny and insightful and have pictures, too. I’m probably back to feeling guilty again.

But I will write something for you. I am LOVING this beautiful winter weather we are having. I went up to Dallas this weekend and it is so much more wintry up there. We haven’t had a freeze at all here. My always wait until my lantanas and fire bushes have been frozen to cut them back. No freeze, they are growing like crazy. Everything is still green (except the deciduous trees) and we have iris and jasmine blooming and my daffodils are about ready to bust out.

Sure, we could still get a freeze and I don’t mind since it would help the allergies and kill some mosquitos, but I’m trying to enjoy the pretty days while we have them.

I snapped this driving across the Lamar street bridge this week. It is against the law in Austin to use your phone while driving, so rest assured I was at a complete standstill in traffic when I took this. That’s a law I totally obey because I know I am not capable of using my phone and driving at the same time.

I talk about the beautiful greenery and then put up a picture of bare trees, but it was about 60 degrees on January 25 and the sky was stunning.

2016-01-25 18.12.55

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  1. just went back and re-read this blog. Love the idea of not feeling guilty about nuttin! I think I may start March that way. To heck with time management. I am tired of being overwhelmed and underachieving. Thank you for giving me a lesson I can take to heart.

    Comment by Diana — March 1, 2016 @ 7:51 pm

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