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September 30, 2017

Drawing Now, More than Writing

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I’m a firm believer in creativity and that creativity begats creativity. With that in mind I am joining Inktober beginning tomorrow.  The goal is to draw something in ink each day of the month of October and post it online. The creator, Jake Parker, and probably most of the participants are graphic artists and cartoonists. I am certainly not either. But I began drawing and painting a lot more last fall and have enjoyed every drawing over this last year. In October, I will post drawings and we’ll see where it goes. I am considering posting an OLD drawing each day, too, just to show some of them that I like.

I’ve been doing Zentangle since I first watched a video by Lisa Yahne Davis, a life coach and art teacher I met through my sister a year or so ago. I got the basics from her and then have been exploring it ever since. When I was in high school I created elaborate doodles that Zentangles remind me of. Not as artistic, but very meditative and fulfilling. They helped entertain me all through geometry in my sophomore year. I had no trouble understanding geometry and didn’t need a full hour of class to understand how to draw a hexagon, so I doodled instead.

Here I’ve already written more in my blog than I’ve written in a year, so drawing is already sparking my creativity. Here is a “Zentangle inspired art” piece I did earlier this year (they are called Zentangle inspired art when they aren’t square, unplanned, etc). I’ll post this and then tomorrow, a new something. Maybe Zentangle, maybe something else. We’ll see.


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