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October 9, 2017

My Little Motor Court

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Tonight I had a little more time to draw for Inktober and I wanted to really DRAW something, not just make a design. I saw a picture online of a motor court and café in Ranger, Texas,  in the 20s? 30s? So I drew it. I have NOT learned the art of perspective so my angles go off in wacky ways, but I still like this.  I planned on having MORE of the picture in my drawing, but I ran out of space really fast.


This is the original picture. I liked the whole subject matter, but I also liked that Ranger, Texas, was just 10 miles from my grandparents’ home in Eastland, Texas. We drove through there from time to time, but it was 10 miles past Eastland for us so it wasn’t often.


And for an older drawing, this was early in the year, soon after I got watercolors for Christmas. I still have a lot more practice to do with watercolors. I think I messed this one up when I tried to put in the gray wall and concrete floor, but when I came back later I still liked it. I need to try it again sometime because I like the chair, the color and technique needs practicing.

2017-04-04 01.00.29

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