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October 11, 2017


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Spent a LOT of time drawing and painting tonight because I didn’t do either of my side gigs (one because there was no work to be done, the other because I could procrastinate on it). Watched Rachel Maddow and then the last two episodes of House of Cards while I worked.  Scary that there are so many similarities between her news and the fictionalized version of DC.

But this is the drawing I came up with for Inktober:


I know all of this practice is making me better.  My perspective is even improving. And I’m better and thinking the drawing through a little bit more before I jump in and start drawing.  For an old one, here is a pencil drawing I did in March. I haven’t done very many pictures like this with LOTS of value. And that was the whole point of doing this, of course. If you can’t tell what it is, it is an adobe church in Taos. I was copying a photograph Mark took that was stunning. Just seeing this makes me want to smell some pinon and eat some chili pork stew. The colder weather here in Austin this week (brrrrr, it was 58 this morning) makes me feel more like we are in a mountain town.

2017-05-12 19.24.25

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