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August 29, 2008

Nice Surprise

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It may be a nice surprise to you that I’m even writing. I have become sporadic lately. The “workday” is getting longer and longer and making the fun time to write shorter and shorter.

I had a nice surprise myself tonight at Shady Grove, though. I introduced the opening band with Matt the Electrician (which I enjoyed very much and would recommend you go see at the Saxon on Monday nights). I don’t give my name when I do those introductions, I know I’m just a body to that audience and my name wouldn’t mean much. But I came back to my seat and had a tall man come over and say, “Are you Janice Williams?” Yes, I said. I expected this to be an old listener that was surprised to see me. But then he said, “I’m Scott Nelson.” I knew immediately who he was. We went to high school together 31 years ago. I may have seen him at a reunion in the meantime, he said he went to one or two, but I don’t remember. It was quite a surprise to see an old classmate from Canyon High School (Class of 77!).

I thought a lot about high school while I enjoyed a great show from Radney Foster. I was lucky enough to go to a school that was small enough that we knew everyone in our class, but not necessarily well. I kept trying to pin down how I knew Scott. Well, mainly I just new Scott because we went to school together for six years. Was his father a professor at WT? I can’t remember. He had an older sister that was in my sister’s class, I think, I’ll have to compare notes with her. Scott and I were in choir together for four years, I do remember that, so I’m sure we shared many experiences and great choir trips with Mr. Jennings and with Mr. McCause Galveston. But, when I try to remember a moment or a story, I am stumped. But, like I said, I knew him well!

I went over on the break and met his wife Martha and heard more about their three kids and his career in engineering and how his dentist is another of our classmates. I brought up some of our classmates that I keep in touch with, but he didn’t remember some of them. What surprised me was that he said he recognized my voice from the stage, not from having heard me on the radio (though he did know that I had been in Austin radio), but from high school. No, I wasn’t an orator or a person who played a speaking role at school and I wasn’t an actress. I suppose I was just loud and a talker. I suppose most of the senior class would agree on that.

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