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June 24, 2009


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I have lots of thoughts about topics, but they are all long and involved, so let me just rant a moment about computer designers. I am tired of the words “user friendly” or “intuitive.” I don’t believe there is such a thing. It is just something computer people make up because they “get it” and don’t know why the rest of us don’t.

For instance, just now on my Yahoo website page, where I go to change my main website or to access this blog for updates. It had a link that said “Why not make your Easy Upload more accessible? Just click here” or something like that. The Easy Upload is a function I need to change the main website and add pictures anywhere and I do need it to be more accessible, so I thought I would click that link. Does it take me to what it SAYS it will have? No, it takes me to the general help page with a million topics and a search box, etc. From there I have no idea what to click or search for.

My Mac computer has been the same way. I got it last year because everyone told me that I would be able to do my website easier and more quickly from a Mac than from my PC. Everyone raved about how intuitive the Mac is. That is a bold faced lie! If someone has never used a computer, maybe it would be easier to learn with a Mac and things might come easier. I don’t know. I have been using computers for 20+ years (both PC and Mac). I never did find the Mac to be intuitive or easy to use when I “knew” what I was doing. I still don’t quite know how to save things or find things and my biggest gripe is how it “yells” at me when I unplug something. On my PC if I plug in a camera or a hard drive or a flash drive and unplug them, they are just unplugged and I’m done, but the Mac warns against corrupted data and insists I need to disconnect them digitally before I do it physically or something.

Anyway, that is all just spewing and ranting and fomenting. My ankle/foot/knee/body is getting better while it gets bluer. I’m limping but I’ll live. Thanks for asking.

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