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July 9, 2009


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Yes, there are lots of things I need to write about! I’m behind. I got the answers to many of my outhouse questions from my Mother and aunt over the weekend, but I’m afraid the details might be too gross to actually document. To learn that my great-grandmother never had indoor plumbing is a shock…especially since I “knew” her. Well, hers was the first funeral I ever went to, so I guess I met her there. But not only did she not have indoor plumbing in her life, she didn’t even have an outhouse! Maybe that is how you live to be 90 years old… you never stop squatting.

Okay, moving on. I have will have to download pictures and write about getting together with friends in Amarillo for lunch. And fireworks and children and food galore at my cousin’s house for my dear aunt’s 86th birthday. And I promised to write about Aunt Dorothy as her birthday gift and that is going to take some time and effort. I will also write about my friend Steve’s radio station in Gainesville and what I am doing in the way of radio work for him.

And I’ll write about the odd stories my uncle Dick tells me. He swears my great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, but I’m having difficulty finding anything that would seem to confirm that, but he has been quite accurate on many of his memories. But he also told me that both of the great-great-grandfathers fought in the Civil War and I know they were both too young and I don’t believe they did. And he also tells, again, a spooky story about my great-grandfather being a murderer and I feel like he’s telling the truth there and that is just pretty creepy.

All of that will have to wait as I get back in the swing of the work week and catching up on doctor’s dictations, music playlists, managing the Shady Grove show tomorrow, and writing for money.

But, of course, somehow I did manage to find some time tonight for genealogy. That lead about the grandmother being an Indian/Native American is too interesting to not follow up on. I had just written about her on my family project and wrote that I don’t know much about her family at all. I have her parents’ names and that is it. But Googling every combination of things I could think of, I finally think I have a lead. I found a family tree website with an entire history of what COULD be her family. The names and dates appear to match up and her father was a logger in Alabama. I don’t have much to go on to prove it at this point so I will have to see what I can find.

Now to the downside of genealogy. I find a website like this and I’m reading through all of this extensive family information that this man has obviously put a LOT of love and work into. This is no small feat. He has this family going back into the 1400s in England (see? no Native Americans there) and lots of documentation. The man who put this site together is in San Antonio and it has his email, so, of course, I am thinking about writing him and asking if he might know anything more than what I can see here. But then, yes, then, the biggest drawback of genealogy. The man had a few pictures posted of his family and relatives. I believe this is probably the son of the man that put the information together (along with a wife, baby, and alien), if his info is right, I have to accept the fact that they are my family, too.

If I put a website together with many pictures of my DISTANT family (I’ll put that to prevent hurt feelings), I’m sure there would be some that might come off like this…not because they REALLY look like this, but because that might be the only picture of I have of that family. Maybe that is one of the reasons I haven’t ever put up my genealogy site like I want to. Of course, if I put the immediate family and first, second, and even third cousins, we are a pretty handsome bunch, so we’d be okay with those pics.

And I could go into stories of cousins that I have met through genealogy that I hope never to talk to again in my life. Just because you share some DNA doesn’t mean you have the same level of class or good sense. And I’m sure this man was quite proud of his Walmart shirt and the wife/girlfriend had probably bedazzled her sweatshirt herself and it was her “Sunday” sweatshirt, but still. At least they have a dress on the baby and she’s not dressed up in a clean Pamper for the Sears photo. As for the alien in the back, I’m quite certain that he and I do not share DNA. I don’t think they have it on his planet.


  1. This is a cute family group. I’m not sure a lot of us on the other side of your family tree look half that good. But keep making your comments.

    Comment by Pat — July 10, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

  2. That’sa nice thing about running yer own Web site . . . you get to choose whose picture goes up and whose doesn’t. I have some stuff that’ll probably never see anyplace but my hard drive; the world at large just doesn’t need to know some of the stuff I know. (AND some of it’s not even their business anyhow!)

    Comment by Sam — July 13, 2009 @ 10:40 am

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