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December 7, 2009

Quick Dallas Trip

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Every Saturday of the football season, my mother and I watch the college games together. Maybe not in the same room, but we usually have a phone call back and forth to discuss the wins and losses and what we are watching. With the excitement of the Big 12 Championship Game and the SEC with Florida #1 and Alabama #2 game facing each other, I decided it would be more fun to watch those games in the same room with Mom so I made a quick trip to Dallas yesterday morning. The SEC game turned out to be an effortless win for Alabama, which was a big surprise, and the UT victory was a lot tougher than anyone anticipated and just about made my heart stop (or explode) in the process. I kept telling myself that I’m not a UT alum, I’m not a diehard fan, why do I care? But I do! And I like the excitement in this city anticipating a National Championship!

I had a fun experience on the way to Dallas at the Starbucks in Temple. Last year (this very week, as a matter of fact), I stopped at that Starbucks when I was on my way to Dallas when Mother was in the hospital about to have her gallbladder removed. I ran into Steve Laukhof, a local advertising mogul, and caught up on our lives since our last remote together. Soon after, I got to do some voice work (for money!) so it was a very nice chance encounter. I was thinking about that as I stopped yesterday. Then I was talking to the girl behind the counter and a woman was behind me in the line, though it turned out she was a store manager. When I gave my name to the counter girl for my eggnog latte, the manager said, “Janice. Austin. KVET!” I said yes, and she said she missed me so much and loved listening to my show. I thought that was very nice to be remembered after 2 years. I told her I had a blog now and she said, “Yes, I read it!” So a big thank you and hello to Jessie for making me feel like a celebrity for a brief moment again.

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  1. awe, as soon as you said “Temple Starbucks” I KNEW you were going to mention my friend, Jesse! She’s a doll, indeed! (and the customer service there is FANtastic!!!) She was my refuge when I lost my job last Feb… So glad you got to meet her and she was able to send a smile your way!

    Comment by Christy — December 7, 2009 @ 1:40 pm

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