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April 6, 2010

Our Easter 2010

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I am going to have to find myself a way to write and post more often because I miss it when I don’t do it. This week I seem to finally be adjusting to the life of the working girl, so maybe there is hope. Each morning I have to remind and convince myself that I would rather have an extra 10 or 15 minutes sitting on the patio in the morning air drinking coffee and enjoying the cats and the birds than another 10 or 15 minutes where I don’t really sleep or rest, I just dread getting up. Having that motivation is good. I don’t know what I’ll do when it is cold and dark and there is no patio-sitting to be done.

Mark and I have a lovely Easter on Sunday. We both had managed to (mostly) get through with our work so we took a little bit of time off. This wildflower season is, without a doubt, the best we’ve ever experienced. Every little vacant lot or wooded corner in Austin is packed tight with bluebonnets. Although we’ve seen them every day for the last few weeks, we wanted to see some of the bluebonnets “in the wild” and take a little road trip.

We head east on highway 71 Sunday. Just getting out of Austin and past the airport is a big hurdle and there is just no other way to get over there except suffer through the traffic. Fortunately, there were already bluebonnets by the trailer parks and the chop shops so we had plenty to admire.

Finally we were out on the open road and the expanses of bluebonnets were amazing… and not just bluebonnets. There were Indian paintbrushes and fence rows thick with spiderworts. Bull nettles. We saw our first wine cups of the season and dozens of colors and plants I didn’t have names for.

Just before we got to LaGrange, Mark made a little side trip to Plum, Texas. He always seems to know where to go and he found a HUGE field of Indian paintbrush there, just waiting for us to take pictures. Is this a perfect Texas scene?

We took lots of pictures there … and yes, since Mark is the photographer, they all end up being of me.

We admired the stonework of the Catholic church there and the big old dance hall/community center. We drove around the church and I realized I had misplaced my glasses. Talk about feeling old. I knew I had had them when I took them off in that field of flowers for the photo…  We hadn’t gone too far so we circled back around and Mark managed to walk right into the flowers and find my glasses.

On to LaGrange and admiration of all of the old houses with bluebonnets filling entire yards. Then, again, pure luck, Mark pulled down a street and we saw a beautiful old cemetery just covered in bluebonnets. If you will remember, I had a lovely birthday last year in a cemetery. Now a lovely Easter in a cemetery. This one really was an exceptional cemetery. Wonderful old gravestones and a blanket of bluebonnets over all these good German and Czech people.

And don’t let anyone ever tell you that bluebonnets do not have a scent. If you get in a field that is this full of them, you will, no doubt, smell the sweet scent of bluebonnets.

Mark is the photographer, but I insisted on a few of these arm’s length photos that I never do very well. But at least I got one of us in the bluebonnets this year. Before spring is over we will have to get someone to take a picture of us in OUR bluebonnets in front of the house. They are not this abundant this year, but they are much more than I expected or imagined we would have.

I didn’t even get into the Texas culinary delights we experienced on this trip… They went from Krispy Kremes on the way out to Whataburgers and a chocolate malt in LaGrange. Our trips may be short, but we pack a lot of living into them.


  1. I’ve seen many fields of bluebonnets in my lifetime, but this is a first for a cemetery filled with them or a pasture of Indian paint brushes.

    Comment by pat — April 7, 2010 @ 11:23 am

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