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April 19, 2011

My Missing Mind

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I’m typing this on Mark’s new computer. So far, I’ve used it a lot more than he has. I’m the computer geek in the family so I’ve set it up and put all his bookmarks and mail on it so far. It doesn’t have his photos or music, so that is still to come, but we’ll get that done soon.

Had a weird experience last night. In my typing for the doctors, I am reading every day about people who are having memory problems. It always makes me super conscious of my memory failings. And I had one last night — either that or I’m being gaslighted and someone is trying to make me think I’m crazy.

Last night I went to a comedy club to see a friend perform. I’ll have to write about that another time. It all ended right about 10 p.m. and I thought that since I was out and about, I should drop by and hear Mark and his band playing on the east side. I got over there and was walking through the parking lot and was greeted by the nice parking lot attendant who welcomed me back and gave me a big hug. Yes, I was searching for his name in my head, but that wasn’t the slip. Just then, a car load of young people pulled in and the kid in the passenger seat waved and said hello to me as if we were old friends. I assumed it was someone I have met there at the club in the past that might be more inclined to remember me than I would be him.

I went in and greeted several people I know and, yes, I knew each one of them by name. But then I was standing there at the back of the club by the door when this young man came in and gave me a big hello and a big hug. Okay, you don’t usually hug people you only met in a club once before, to you? He asked me what I’d been up to. Still operating on the assumption that I knew him from the club, I told him that I wasn’t out that late anymore because of daily obligations. Then he says, “Boy, I knew this place was good on Tuesdays, but my friends tell me Monday is the night to be here.” Hmmmm, this was his first Monday. I don’t know him from the club, I guess. He moves on so I don’t have to admit my ignorance, at least. I kept going over it, wondering if he had been an intern at my current job and maybe I just didn’t get to know him. I was pretty sure it wasn’t someone from my radio days because I truly thought I would remember that.

So I leave after a while and am still completely in the dark about who this kid was. I was already thinking about writing it here. Then today I’m walking through my lobby at work and there’s the guy! Hello! He greets me and tells me that he and his friends stayed until the end and had a great time. I tell him that my husband is the drummer and that was new information to him. We talked a bit more and then he got on the elevator to go downstairs. I quickly grabbed the receptionist and said, “Who is that?” She tells me his name and his department. I still have NO EARTHLY IDEA how I know this kid. I have no memory of his name or working with him or having any interaction whatsoever. I don’t think we were ever on the elevator together. I don’t think we were on the stairs together during a fire drill. I don’t think he’s every brought paperwork to my desk.

The (sort of) good news is that the receptionist said he has taken a job outside of the company and this is his last week. If I can just avoid seeing him at the club, I might never have to admit my total mind blank to him.


  1. Nah…the minions always know the cool kids. That’s all it is. Accept it as the compliment it is.

    Comment by Mackie — April 19, 2011 @ 10:48 pm

  2. I am SO glad this happens to you too! “Who the heck was that” is becoming a frequent phrase rattling around in my brain! Of course, I agree with your sister about the minions and the cool kids. And indeed, you will always be one of the popular kids in this crazy world!

    Comment by Diana Finlay Hendricks — April 24, 2011 @ 2:07 am

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