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May 24, 2011

Pissy People

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I don’t like when people get pissy. It makes me pissy.

I got an email from a findagrave.com contributor today that asked me to take down a memorial I had put up. On findagrave.com you put up “memorials” or the info about a grave. It isn’t necessarily someone you knew or loved… I have put up many graves I’ve just seen and taken pictures of in cemeteries. She asked me to remove one I put up for the wife of a cousin of my grandfather’s. I had not seen the grave, I was going by information that was in a printed book at a library that transcribed graves in a certain cemetery and I took it to be accurate. Her email was rather terse and said that she was not buried there. I responded and thanked her and asked if she could help me with the correct information because I am curious about this couple. She has not responded.

The story of this couple is interesting. First, the husband, Bernard, was the second child of his parents. They had the first grandchild in the family and I’m sure little Edna was the pride and joy of the entire family. When she was born, she would have had 6 aunts from age 6 up to 21… no shortage of babysitters in that family. Sadly, little Edna died when she was only 5 years old. The next year, the couple had Bernard and he was their only child. When Bernard was 20, he married a girl from the community, Annie. I don’t know how much after they married he was sent off to France in World War I, but that is where he died in July of 1918. Also sad, Annie had died just 2 days before he did.

When I first read the information about their deaths when I was just a teenager, I had it all romanticized and even sadder that Annie had died  — possibly in childbirth? — and when the news got to Bernard he lost the will to live and charged into battle, saving his fellow soldiers in the process with his bravery, and was killed. Of course, as I grew older and was able to think it through a little more I realized that he probably died in France without ever knowing that she had died at home. Communications were not what they are today or even what they were in WWII. Also knowing what I know now and knowing what 1918 was around the world, it is quite likely they both died of the flu epidemic.

The woman that wrote the email was not truly pissy, just terse and unhelpful. I have since found a website that she put up that is full of information about a Texas county. I admire people that put up websites that share a lot of information, but I also don’t know why people put up websites that look so terrible. Bright colors, terrible fonts. I am no graphic artist and I realize my website is no prize winner, but there are some things everyone should at least be able to see.

I think what really started me on this rant though (besides being tired, hungry, and cranky) was where she has her name at the bottom of her page, she follows her name with her degrees. La-di-frickin’-da, as Chris Farley’s character Matt Foley used to say. And, if you’re going to list your master’s degree, why bother listing the bachelor’s? Now, if the website were related to her degrees — for instance, this was about history so if she had a degree in history or genealogy, then, yes, I can see why she might want to highlight that information. But she has a degree in education, she is a teacher.

So anyway, I’m just rambling and pissy, as I said, and not the internet isn’t connecting so you may never even see this entry.

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  1. Janice, it is a woman’s nature, inalienable right, prerogative, and duty to be PISSY.
    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Galen Hays — May 26, 2011 @ 5:37 am

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