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May 30, 2011

Pissy People, Part 2

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I need to write a more lengthy report on the life of Bernard Cunningham, because I have learned a lot since the last time I wrote. I need to ignore the pissy people and be grateful for the kind, sharing, helpful people.

After not hearing from the pissy woman, I turned to my new obsession, ancestry.com, to see if there might be something about the young doomed couple I wrote about. I found a private family tree that appeared to have some photos associated with it. I didn’t know what the photos might be, so I wrote to the owner of the tree and she was gracious and opened it up for me to see. What a treasure trove! It turns out that the young bride, Annie, died of pneumonia in early 1918 while the couple were living in Fort Worth. He was not off in battle, he had not even enlisted. He moved back home with his parents after her death and soon enlisted. He trained and shipped off to France and was killed after 3 months in battle.

Not in the actual obituary, but in a story attached to the family tree, so probably a handed-down tale, she wrote that Bernard was in battle in France and there was a cease fire as the soldiers of each side went out to bring back their dead. During this cease fire, Bernard was shot by the enemy and killed.

Included in this trove were 3 pictures of the actual funeral. You can imagine how much attention a funeral of a war hero would have in a small town. Apparently it was a full military funeral. Here is one picture from her photos:

I looked closely at the other pictures to see if I could recognize my family members among the mourners. My grandfather was only a little younger than him and I expect he was probably at the funeral.

There is no “more” to the story, but I do need to write this all in more detail and file it where people can find it. I thought it appropriate on this Memorial Day to include the only member of my family that I know of from World War I. My grandfather enlisted and I have a photo of him in uniform. Of course, with my great filing system, I have no idea where it is in my computer.

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  1. Thanks for more to the story. This would have been before I was born in 1928 but that picture with the – what I would call Model T Fords – looks very much like the streets of Comanche when I was a little girl and would visit Grandpa and Grandma at Newburg. The men in the foreground on the left in the hat (not the cowboy hat) and the cap remind me so much of what I remember the men wearing.

    Comment by Pat — June 2, 2011 @ 12:32 pm

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