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July 14, 2011


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Is it really working? Let me know if you aren’t seeing what you are seeing. Some links from some shortcuts might not work, I don’t know. I’ve changed so many things I can’t remember how they once were.

But I do think my site is all now happily on the new server. Or at least it is on the new server. I don’t know how happy it is yet.

This certainly makes me worry… how do you save the writing and the photos of 4 years? Do I leave a trust to pay for server space until the end of time? There’s no guarantee if I save each webpage onto a hard drive that browsers in the future will be able to interpret it. Maybe I need to just print each page and put it in a notebook.

My grandfather had row after row of those plain blue cloth 3-ring binders above his desk and each was full of his poetry writing, chronicling day after day after poems. He was good at keeping them, indexing them, storing them. Where are they now? Who knows? I think an aunt may have the bulk of them and that’s fine. None of us really want to inherit Papa’s poems, to tell the truth.

I have so many stories to tell that I may be stymied for days not knowing where to start. Or trying to get the pictures up to the website so I can use them nicely. I don’t know. I will see how it all shakes out tonight.

But right now my anxiety levels may be on a downward trend if this is fixed. Amazing how not having the ONE outlet I really like for my creativity put such a damper on every aspect of my life. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

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