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July 14, 2011


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Well, now that I’ve gotten the dadblasted thing working again, I need to write in it, don’t I? I tried writing posts while it was out of commission, thinking I could have them ready when it returned. That didn’t work. And now that it is ready, I can think of a million reasons to procrastinate and not write. But I am ever so grateful to have a blog again. So I will write.

This is a picture that fascinates me:

As I get ready for my big Cunningham reunion in August, I’ve been studying some of the pictures from past reunions. This one is from about 195 and is just a small portion of a much bigger picture. But look how fancy! It really makes me want to wear a hat to the reunion. I don’t know where you’d obtain a fancy had like these women were wearing, but I believe it would involve time travel. We think of these people being off conquering the Texas wilderness, but I’m sure by the time this was taken, they felt like all of that had happened in their grandfather’s time and they were now in the modern era where you just took your new buggy into Comanche and bought a new hat or even took the train to Fort Worth if you wanted, too. Their dresses are so pretty and starched and clean. This was in August! And they all look as fresh as if they were sitting in an air conditioned photo studio. I can’t identify any of the women in this picture, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to track down some relatives that might be able to shed light on them. As I’ve begun studying picture of my great-grandmother’s sisters, I’ve found I’ve been able to pick them out of these large group pictures.

In preparation for this giant reunion next month, I got a haircut this week. I need to make my preparation list because I always get to about the night before I leave and suddenly realize I need to have new clothes and food to take and flowers for graves and a tablecloth and on and on. Every year when I get back I draw up a long list of things to remember for the next reunion. Each year I misplace that list or it is buried deep within the computer somewhere.

The weekend is approaching and I still have high hopes of catching up on stories that go back as far as Jan. 1 of this year to tell. The telling is half the battle (or less). It’s the pictures and the posting that is the battle, but I will be back at it tomorrow.


  1. Love the hats. Wish I was closer to you, I’ve been collecting hats, as well as gloves (they are so tiny) jewelry, belts, scarves and vintage clothing for a long time. I dont have any of the white dresses but I do have a petticoat, it’s tiny too. They just don’t make women that small any more. Love the blog, keep writing and have fun with the Cunninghams. By the way, is there one named Richie?

    Comment by Lana Barnett — July 14, 2011 @ 10:43 pm

  2. Good to see writing and the blog coming along. I just wanted to say that my grandparents were Cunninghams. I wonder if we are cousins down the line. I grew up in a small town up by Wichita Falls, Tx. Olney,tx and I think my grandparents lived in Weatherford before that.
    Anyway keep writing.

    Comment by Rod Tanner — July 14, 2011 @ 10:53 pm

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