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July 28, 2011

Comfort, Texas

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Comfort is one of my favorite towns in Texas. Mark and I discovered it (for ourselves, I believe many other Texans had discovered it long before we got there) on our honeymoon. We stayed at the fabulous Ingenhuett-Faust Hotel B&B for a couple of nights on our honeymoon and have been back a couple of times since. It’s one of the few B&B’s that I happily go back to and recommend without qualms. I was going to say “without reservation,” but it is a good idea to get a reservation. Ha!

What really saddened us on this trip to Comfort was finding out that the old general store on main street had burned sometime in the past few years. We had not heard about it.

It was really a step back into history to go into that store. They sold hardware and gardening things along with the newspaper and some staples. It was fun to walk up and down the aisles and say, “Oh, look, Daddy had one of these in his garage.” I think we bought our last rain gauge there just because that was something we needed and it was fun to get to buy something from them. We talked to a clerk at another store in town and heard more of the sad story. Of course the old building didn’t have insurance and the owner lost so much in it and after about a year he committed suicide. With no wife or children, distant relatives inherited it and it sat for a long time with no changes. Finally someone has bought the building, but still nothing has been done. You can imagine the daunting task of trying to do something with it. First, you’d have to have loads and loads of available money and then, once you did something, you’d still have the upkeep because a little town can only support so many antique stores and B&Bs and art galleries.

We had our requisite Dairy Queen chocolate malt while in Comfort. It is right on I-10 (I guess it always has been, but I’ve never noticed before) and has the normal fast food on the highway.

Back on down the backroads through Sisterdale and Kendalia and Blanco toward home… ¬†We stopped briefly in Blanco at a good fruit and vegetable stand that I’ve stopped at while passing through before. I sure wish there were a stand like that on my route to and from work. We got tomatoes and okra and potatoes and squash and Mark had to have some homemade peach ice cream. Good move because it was the really good kind of ice cream with the frozen bits of real peaches.

We’re within an hour of home at this point and then the adventure began! Story to come…

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  1. I forgot all I had planned to comment on once I saw the homemade peach ice cream. What I would give for a gallon of it or banana or pineapple or plain vanilla as long as it was homemade and still frozen in the freezer.

    Comment by Pat — July 31, 2011 @ 9:02 pm

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