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August 14, 2011

Jiggity Jig

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I’m very happy to be home and ready to sleep in my own bed again. I just wish I could have brought some of the rain back from Comanche County with me. Not only did we have the pleasant light rains yesterday morning that cooled everything for the reunion last night (and my cemetery jaunts yesterday), we had a big downpour this afternoon just at the end of the reunion when only the diehards were still on hand. I had a good long visit with Tommie Lee, a dear favorite cousin, but from a different family so not at the reunion, and learned about how bad things are for her daughter and son-in-law’s cows. Hay that was $50 a bale just a short while back is now going for $140 and climbing… and that’s IF you can find someone that has some. It is a desperate time for stock raisers. Fortunately, Roger, the farmer/rancher, has put in a crop and this rain should get it up enough to bale and have some feed for their cows.

Roger came by to see me while I was visiting and brought me four beautiful fresh peaches from a real tree. I can’t remember the last time I at a peach that wasn’t bought at a fruit stand or the store. It smelled and tasted exactly like my childhood. When I got them home I peeled them and Mark and I ate them before I even brought in all the bags.

I also brought home peanuts, a primary crop in Comanche. Tommie has a neighbor that is very generous and gives her LOTS of peanuts. She always give me peanuts, but this time she sent me home with THREE GALLONS of peanuts because he had told her there was more coming soon and she needed to clean out her refrigerator. I know George Washington Carver came up with 2000 uses for the peanut. I wish I knew one or two beyond “candy” and “snack” and “obsession.”

The visit at Tommie’s beautiful sweet house was the end of the day, there was lots before it, but it all began about 5 a.m. so I’m going to go to bed and see what I can remember about it all tomorrow.

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  1. Peanuts….hmmm….’you can make a hat, you can make a brooch’ Glad you got home, had cooler temps AND had a great time!

    Comment by Mackie — August 14, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

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