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August 21, 2011

Reunion Past

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I’m a week past the reunion and still living among the wreckage the reunion brings. After a few weeks of late nights computing and putting things together for the family, my office is piled high with notebooks and unread mail, papers and trash. My car hasn’t been cleaned out and still has the card table that needs to go back to my friend Denise this week. I have many thank you notes to write and information that was given to me at the reunion that needs to be documented and entered into the family record. And I just need some more rest! That one day off after the reunion was not enough, apparently, to make me feel like I can tackle any of these things, because they all sit here undone.

Next on the list, really, is to sort through the pictures I took and see what needs to be sent out in my annual “Cunningham letter.” Each year I write a wrap-up letter for my mom and aunts so they know what they missed in Comanche. I will probably post it here or on my regular webpage, too, in case the world needs to see it. Actually, the world may get a slightly edited version, their version usually includes some family gossip that can’t be told to everyone!

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