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August 26, 2011

The EYB at the Nutty Brown

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It’s bad enough that I don’t write, but when I DO write and don’t get it posted, that irritates me a lot. So, yes, I wrote this sometime within the last week because I went to this show a week ago…

I just don’t go out that much anymore. I’ve gotten old and/or lazy and don’t go see new bands or even old bands I like. I am leery of new venues and reluctant to go to old venues. There’s a few shows from time to time I make the effort to go to and I’m always glad I did, but that doesn’t make me any more eager to go to the next one.

One of the record reps I deal with emailed me a while back and asked if I would come to see the Eli Young Band when they played the Nutty Brown Café for their CD release. I said that I would, but I wasn’t too excited about the prospect. This band is a band from Denton that were climbing the charts and touring across Texas when I was with the radio station. Their music never really fit the true “Texas country” genre that we promoted, so we never played any of their music in our regular rotation. They did play our music series at least a time or two and I had them on my show a couple of times. In fact, I’m pretty sure Mike Eli was one of the last interviews I did while I was there.

So I wasn’t thrilled to go to the show, but I said I would go and I did go Friday night. An intern that has been working for us this summer, Katie Wolters, met me out there for the show and we had a really good time. The last time I had seen EYB was also at the Nutty Brown and they were a little too polished and rehearsed and “hair gel country” for my tastes. This time they were much more accessible and had great songs and melodies and they toned down the sparkle and made it a great show. I enjoyed them.

Afterward, my record rep wanted us to say hi to the band so he took us backstage and did the introductions. The guys were nice enough to remember me and called me an “early supporter” of their music. That was nice, but I can’t say that I was at all. Certainly no more than they deserved. I didn’t give them any breaks, I guess I should say. But they have already had a couple of songs make the national charts and the new one, Crazy Girl, is going strong and should do better now that the album has been released.

Here’s me and Katie and the band:


Funny, it is a little fuzzy because the format was small. The only other picture I have with the band is the same way.

It was also a surprise to see my friend Keith Davis is playing with the band on their current tour (he’s not pictured). And my friend Ryan James wrote a song on their album and he came out and played  it with them, too. I had several nice surprises like that during and after the show. It was fun to see many old friends that I hadn’t seen since my radio days.

I’ve said this before that it is hard for me to really be INTO a show anymore. I’m always critiquing and thinking about it’s commercial viability, etc. And these days I’m also thinking “Lord it’s hot” and “I wish I could sit down” and “How much longer?” I hate to have lost that connection with the music that I used to have, but that is the way it is with most shows (not all, but most). Viewing it even from that perspective though, these guys had a great show and I expect they are going to be known more in the months to come.

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