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September 18, 2011

Bad Cook

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I wish I were a better cook.

I have had an idea in mind for a while and finally moved forward with it today. I have had some quiches from Costco that were good, but awfully thin and not very inexpensive either. What I was thinking would be great would be a muffin-style quiche or something with egg that could be refrigerated and eaten cold (like I was eating that quiche) or heated up, but could be done ahead of time so I could have a high protein breakfast almost ready for me in the morning.

So I searched and found a promising recipe that involved egg and cheese and spinach and was cooked in muffin cups. I tried it today.

I have never considered a cooking blog because a.) I don’t cook often enough and b.) my pictures of the experience would be lousy. I love reading cooking blogs because they do always have pretty close-up pictures and they use pretty bowls and utensils. I don’t play that game.

But today I did pull out my ancient muffin pan to try this egg muffin thing. It began with mixing cottage cheese and spinach and grated cheddar in a bowl. Yes, I should have had chopped spinach instead of full leaf, but stirring that spinach was like stirring a bowl of yarn. It just wasn’t going to mix up with the other ingredients.

Then the recipe had you fill a muffin cup 3/4 full with this mixture and then top it with an egg and stir them together. Well, maybe they were using those giant muffin cups that they make now and not regular size muffin cups. My cups were WAY full and overflowing. I tried a few that way and then dumped things back in a bowl, added eggs and then just apportioned them back out into the muffin cups.

Those final cups did cook much better. The first overflowed into the oven and burned and stank, etc. etc. That doesn’t make for pretty blog pictures. But, worse, when I pulled this pan out of the oven, even in muffin cups, these muffins were now welded to the sides of the pan. Enough egg had overflowed in most of them to glue them together for life. And if not the muffin to the pan, at least the muffin to the wrapper. I have a feeling there will be a lot of paper ingested – if we do, in fact, eat these things.

I made the 12 that her recipe said it would make and then made another 12 because that’s really how many muffins it made. I pictured them being firm and tasty and being able to pop a muffin or two into my mouth for breakfast. I tried one when they came out of the oven. Theoretically, this would be when they would be at their best. But, ick, they were eggy and spinachy. Maybe that makes some sense since they were full of egg and spinach, but I don’t know if that is what I want to face at 8 a.m.

They are all now stashed away in the fridge and I will attempt to eat one in the morning. I don’t think, no, I know I won’t be doing this recipe again. I might not be doing it because I’m about to trash this muffin pan. It is hard enough to wash a muffin pan when it doesn’t have egg glued to it, but this thing has been soaking all evening and doesn’t seem ready to wash easily so I’m ready to trash it.

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