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October 31, 2011


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And another Halloween goes by. I heard the news about some towns in the Northeast canceling Halloween because of their snowstorms. I had many Halloweens canceled when I was a kid (or it seems that way in my memory). We lived on a dirt road out in the country. To trick-or-treat, we would go into my aunt’s neighborhood in Amarillo and “borrow” her neighborhood. I remember one magical night running up and down Lewis Lane and one neighbor having a party in their garage. They had a paper skeleton and they would have you stick your head through his legs and take your picture. There was dry ice in the punch bowl and all sorts of fun and mysterious things going on. That was a good Halloween. But when it was cold and rainy—and that is the rule not the exception for Octobers in the Panhandle—we would be stuck at home. Not the worst thing in the world. Believe me, we would have candy.

I was never an adult who loved Halloween. My old roommate took months to prepare her costume and loved going out on Halloween so I did go out with her some years just because that was the thing to do, but I’m glad I don’t do that anymore. I didn’t even give out candy tonight. I got home late and kept the lights off. As I drove home through the neighborhood, there seemed to be many more tall kids than little ones, and that bugs me. I don’t have any little children in the neighborhood anymore at all (except a sweet one next door who I treated special individually this year) so it isn’t as fun to open the door and see who is there.

I did love seeing this picture on Facebook and I hope they don’t mind me putting it here:


These are three of my three little cousins’ kids. They are standing on the steps of my aunt’s house in Amarillo. The same house that I got to go to when I went trick-or-treating. They know their great-grandmother is going to treat them well every year (and every day).

This is another picture of a fun Halloween more than a few years ago of my favorite boys. I especially like the impish two fingers behind the blue Power Ranger’s head. Happy memories.


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