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November 3, 2011

Slow Blogging

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There is a new trend in blogging called “slow blogging.” The term is a variation of “slow food” that was invented to combat the proliferation of fast food. Slow blogging aims to write thoughtfully and with information and facts rather than a quick link and first impressions and then moving on to another topic.

I try to be a slow blogger. Often too slow. But I need to write this morning my first impressions and thoughts about last night’s wonderful concert at the Long Center to honor Guy Clark. I was given wonderful tickets by fabulous dear people that couldn’t use their tickets. My best friend Denise facilitated it and made it all happen. Mark would have been my first choice to be my date for this concert and I considered not going when I found out that he couldn’t make it. But he encouraged me to go anyway and I invited my nephew Brandt to come down from Waco and go with me. Perfect in every way is only hyperbole when I think about how my feet hurt a bit from the boots I wore last night. Everything from the setting, the before and after parties, the singers, and – of course – the songs made it a night to remember.

My slow blogging urge wants me to first explain how much Guy Clark means to me now and how much he has meant to me since before 1977. I want to tell about the first time I met him and the subsequent time and the interview and the concerts and Mark giving him a “Randall” knife (I say it in quotes because it was a Hays knife and it stunned Guy speechless). That can all wait for another day.

I would not be able to say which was  my favorite performer or my favorite song of the night. To hear songwriters that have written these songs with Guy – Rodney Crowell and Verlon Thompson – or those that would not be here in my world today without the influence of Guy – Lyle Lovett and James McMurtry – and voices I hadn’t heard before, but loved – the Trishas and J.T. Van Zandt. One good song after another. I wanted to lean over to Brandt and give him a full story about every single one and what it meant to me.

When we got home, Mark was home so he was able to tell Brandt about how much Guy’s songs had meant to him all these years. He pulled out the CDs and I pulled out the vinyl I’ve had for 30+ years. Mark started naming off songs to see if they were performed. One no after another… So many great songs were performed (I’ll have to count!) and yet they never even got to Texas Cookin’ or Rita Ballou or Comfort and Crazy and Coat from the Cold…. On and on.

I wish I had pictures and recordings of every moment of it all. I have them in my head and in my mind’s eye. And I will have Guy’s songs forever.


  1. I <3 you.

    Comment by Kyle Marie — November 3, 2011 @ 7:03 pm

  2. You were the first person I thought about when I heard about the birthday celebration. I wanted to get tickets to take you, but I am a little too far away, and I probably couldn’t have come up with tickets anyway. I am so happy to know you got to go and very glad you enjoyed it so much. I look forward to more info about it all.

    Comment by sandy — November 4, 2011 @ 8:22 am

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