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November 18, 2011

The Break-In

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I guess I need to write about the attempted break-in at our house last Friday night. It has certainly been at the top of our minds for the whole week (and I have a feeling it isn’t going way any time soon).

I was out of town Friday, celebrating my nephew’s birthday on 11-11-11. Mark had planned to go, but got waylaid by work and stayed home. On Friday night he went to see a band play a set late at night. When he was returning home, the alarm company called to tell him our alarm was going off. He told them to call the police immediately. He was not far from home, so he arrived before the police did.

Mark quickly went into “protect and defend” mode and broke open the gate on the side of the house to get to the backyard. He was surprised the gate wasn’t already broken, but that wasn’t how the wanna-be burglars had gotten in, it was still locked. He had his flashlight and could see no one was still at the house so he quickly checked the sides of the house and all the dark bushes and could find no one. He came back to the front of the house as the police arrived.

They quizzed Mark about what they would find in the house, where there were guns, loaded and unloaded, and Mark unlocked the door for them and they went through the house to make sure it was empty. It was, so they had Mark come in and turn off the sirens of the alarm. Mark then went in search of the cats and found them cowering in the garage, scared out of their minds!

On the back porch Mark and the police could see where someone slit the screen to unlock the screen door. There were hand smudges on a bedroom window like they had tried it first and found it locked. Then they went to work on the back door, first just trying to push it in with all their might and then going after it with a crowbar. Mark had taken some extra security measures recently and that had a lot do to with why they weren’t able to get in. But they did manage to bend the dead bolt and mess up the whole darn door. When the alarm was tripped, they dropped their crowbar and were gone.

The next day Mark found cinder blocks piled up like stair steps along the dark side of the house. They hopped the fence easily from their little stairway.

We didn’t lose any property, the cats are safe, we are safe. We are shelling out money for a lot more security on the house. What we had served us very well and I’m glad we had it. There’s no doubt it saved us a lot of grief and trouble this time. Mark might have even walked in on a burglary in progress if we didn’t have it and that might have turned out very badly. Tomorrow a new door is being installed, too. Mark has made all the arrangements and taken care of fixing everything. If I had been living here alone through all of this I would probably have just boarded up the back door, locked the front door, and moved home or something!

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