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December 1, 2011

December is here

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December is here and soon my friend Jette will fire up Holidailies where I will swear on the Internet that I will update daily from early December to early January (I will have to learn the exact dates very soon so I can accomplish it!) It is a sacred oath I take each year and occasionally I actually fulfill it. So tonight I should get into practice.

After our wonderful Thanksgiving I am just about ready to get into the Christmas spirit. But the job of getting down the ornaments and decorations from the attic is a two-person job and there hasn’t been two people in this house awake at the same time in a while. I would say this weekend would be a good time for it except that it isn’t. We’ve got company coming to town and you can’t make a mess of the house when company is on the way. And I have a feeling (a certainty) that when company leaves we will be ready to sit and chill for a while. Maybe Dec. 10. Or maybe just not. I would say I could live without the decorations since no one is coming to visit and we aren’t going anywhere, but I do enjoy seeing the lights on my Christmas tree every morning and every night, so we need to at least do that.

We bought a FAKE tree a couple of years ago. I have always been adamant about a real tree, but year after year it became more of a hassle. It is hard enough for the two of us to get the tree out of the attic… try coordinating two schedules so we could go choose a tree, get it home, trimmed, put in the stand, and “installed.” I love real trees, but as my allergies got worse and worse, I opted for the fake tree and last year, lo and behold, we did not get sick. It was a revelation.

An advantage of the real tree too is that we can put it up as early as we want. Not that we’ve achieved that this year, but we can also LEAVE it up as long as we want so I promise this tree will be up for a while and no needles will be dropping to the floor.

I would be getting more into the holiday spirit even tonight if it weren’t so hot. After 70s today and still in the mid-60s here at 11 p.m., it doesn’t feel much like winter is here (which I guess technically it isn’t).  A cold front coming through Sunday may make it feel like winter just a little bit. Then we will figuratively tromp through the Austin snow (our garage) to get to our tree.

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  1. Of course you must have a Christmas tree for Phil and Willie to enjoy.

    Comment by pat — December 2, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

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