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December 5, 2011

The Addiction Continues

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I know I spend more time on my genealogy addiction than most people do on any hobby that they have (unless you count Facebook or television as hobbies). I spent a little bit of time on it this weekend. Mark asked me to do a little research into his family. Yes, believe it or not, in almost 20 years of marriage I have spent very little time looking into his family. This weekend I finally did.

I discovered that other people have fascinating ancestry that equals the Cunningham family. Ha, I’m kidding of course. No one has a family history as interesting or endlessly compelling as my Cunningham family. But, nevertheless, I enjoyed finding some clues to Mark’s heritage.

Mark’s dad has done a pretty good history of his mother’s family and a cousin has done a lot on Mark’s Hays’ family line, so I took what Mark’s mother had given me about her family and researched it for a while yesterday. We knew that Mark’s grandmother was a Cajun. Mark has always bragged about her gumbo and how he has never tasted anything like it anywhere since she passed away. But when I looked into her family history, I could see just how Cajun she was. For generation after generation (five in all), every one was born and raised and died in Louisiana, mostly in the Cajun country. And then the generation preceding those five generations? All from Nova Scotia, Canada, and beyond that, France. So these were truly the Acadians that were driven from their homes and made their way around the North American continent to find a home in Louisiana. There’s apparently a little bit of native American blood in there somewhere, too, so I am tracking that down. It is fun. I am corresponding with a woman that would be Mark’s third cousin and she’s done a lot of research.

I love analogies and I decided one day that working on genealogy is like having a big knitted afghan with broken threads. You can never get all the loose ends tied up. The side you are working on (the present) is always going to have those blanks in the “death” and “burial” positions and the past is always going to have another generation you can go back to. If you hit a dead end going backward, you can always work your way out on those loose sides where you’ll find brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and end up with cousins that are down here in your generation.

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  1. A good analogy.

    Comment by pat — December 6, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

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