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December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Time Off!

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I got to get off work early today. This is one of the greatest things about a “real” job as opposed to radio:  I get to get off early! When I was at the radio station, the staff and sales and anyone else usually got to leave at 3 o’clock on the day before a holiday. The place would clear out and be deserted. But since I worked at 3 p.m. and worked until 7 or 8 at night, I still had to do my regular shift every time. No extra time off to compensate anywhere else. It was a drag. Now I LOVE working the day before a holiday weekend because I know I am going to “earn” an extra couple of hours or even an extra half-day of vacation. How great is that?

I did enjoy working on some holiday weekends back in my earliest days of radio. It was truly fun to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and have people calling and wishing me Merry Christmas or asking about my Christmas plans. My sister came in and guest hosted with me on at least one holiday weekend, I remember. And since I often did 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. it didn’t really interfere with any of our Christmas plans. By the time I got to my parents’ house we were ready for breakfast and presents.

Another thing I don’t miss about radio was putting together the songs for the all Christmas music evening and day. It was always a chore to do—trying to get the separation of songs wide enough that the listener wouldn’t be treated to Jingle Bells every hour on the hour. It was a pain to do it then, but now I do it MANY times over with all the different “stations” I program, some that are all Christmas, some 50%, some less than that. But because our songs are better organized and I’ve learned more tricks of the trade, it is not as difficult as it was then.

I am glad to relax and enjoy 3 days of holiday cheer. I hope to get back into this writing habit as the New Year approaches, but I won’t be making a New Year’s Resolution about writing. That’s the easiest way to doom it. One thing I am going to resolve to do when I DO write is to not try to write true essays. I am going to quit making the effort to wrap up each story into a nice beginning, middle, and end. That is ideal, of course, but not always practical. Sometimes my stories are just going to stop.

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