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December 30, 2011

A Daily Diary

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I have gone in some stores today and now I am looking online — all in frustration. Sunday is a whole New Year and I need a daily diary to write in and I haven’t found one yet. I have kept a daily handwritten diary for a long long time now. They are all packed up so I can’t really how many years, but somewhere in the early 80s I began. I used to get a diary that reflected the times or my current interests and it didn’t matter much to me how much room there was, I would just adjust and write small if I had a lot to say. When I was picking diaries with that criteria I had a Trivial Pursuit diary and a Doonesbury diary, I know. Probably some others I’ve forgotten. I eventually was buying the nice hardbound daily diaries you get at an office supply store and those have worked well, too.

Three years ago I discovered the BEST diary, though. It was a nice fat spiral bound book made by Paperchase. I liked it because it had a full page for each day of the year (well, actually, Saturday and Sunday did share a page, but MOST days had a full page) and, since it was spiral bound, I could leave it open to the page to write on next. Just a nice convenience feature. Once I discovered this great diary, I have trooped over to Border’s Books to get one each December.

Well, as you know, Border’s is no more. It’s a goner. I looked to see who made the diary and searched online and finally found Paperchase is a British company. I wrote them an email asking where they are sold in the U.S. now and got a nice reply that — they are not sold here now! They were apparently part of Border’s, but are now independent, but they only sell in the UK unless I order it online and it gets pretty pricey to do that.

I wish I were as flexible as I once was, but once you start finding THE way that works best, it is hard to change. I do not like undated diaries because it is too easy to forget to write and it is harder to look up a certain day or event. I suppose I will go back to the hardbound diaries at the office supply store if I don’t have any luck tomorrow or Sunday trying to find the elusive perfect diary. Any suggestions?

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  1. I used the same Paperchase diary last yr and I am having a difficult time finding one this year that is spiral bound and day per page…have you found one yet??

    Comment by Marsha — January 10, 2012 @ 2:10 pm

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